Saturday, January 23, 2016

Divine Works- La Divina Bellezza Exhibit

I went to the Divina Bellezza Exhibit, Divine Beauty, an art exhibit that features religious art works by various artists including Chagall, Van Gogh, and Fontana. And I am just jotting down these names to sound smarter and be able to rub shoulders with assholic intellectuals in town. I survived social climbing with politicians and famous designers at parties, and so I managed well in this exhibit.

Anyway, I would like to share with you guys the paintings and sculptures I liked the most in the exhibit and my not-so-intellectual observation.

The exhibit was housed in the medieval palace, Palazzo Strozzi

This is 'The Savior', a painting by Giuseppe Catani Chiti. I'm supposed to say some shit about purism in art, the nervous spirituality, and pre-Raphaelite elements and symbolism. But no. I was simply drawn to this painting by the male nudity and that white and smooth flesh, so erotic and sensual. I couldn't believe I was fantasizing about Christ. BDSM has never been this perverted. 

I took the picture of this angel in another painting. I was really impressed by the details- the flying robes and its folds, and the gilded halos. Very exquisite.

This is Gustave Moreau's painting of St. Sebastian. Now I'm not sure if this painter is trying to fuck my brain, but this is simply too sensual to be considered religious art. Or maybe I'm just being too archaic and medieval. Observe the slender body, skin and flesh so white and so exposed, but slightly turned, and his tunic covering almost nothing but that which is meant to be used for procreation and not for pleasure. And yes, Brazilian wax, ladies and bekimen. Brazilian wax.

I like this artwork by Adolfo Wildt (1918). This is 'Mary Gives Birth to Christian Infants'. Since Mary gave birth to the Christ, through her, many people were reborn. Which is funny because man is only reborn, only through Christ. anyway, it's truly a beautiful piece of art.

Sculpture by Libero Andreotti, Madonna with Child. I think it is really dramatic with tender and touching gestures of the figures.

Here's of my favorites. The Annunciation. I apologize for the bad angle. It portrays the Virgin Mary, clad in white robes symbolizing her purity, with a ponderous expression in her face. From afar, the angel Gabriel was approaching her, about to announce "Hey gurl, may bebs ka down there with being jerjered by fafa Joseph". Forgot the name of the artist.

This painting is the Prodigal Son, as you can see, the artist (forgot who) portrayed here the lowest moment of his life, when he's already sharing his days with swines, as he is sitting beside a swine, looking at the beast while it is eating, as if he were having conversation with it. He is portrayed as wearing only a cloak and a tunic, showing his state of disgrace.

This is "The Raising of Lazarus" by Pietro Annigoni (1946). It was painted after the death of his brother. What really caught my attention is the melancholic and hazy color of the sky and the environment. And also those shrubs and plants sprouting forth from the rocks, as Jesus calls out Lazarus from the grave. Indeed in the gospels, this is one of the few instances that the Bible showed Jesus weeping.

The apostles by Felice Carena. Wala lang. Nakaka relax tingnan sila habang natutulog. hehehe!

"Jesus Crowned with Thorns" by Gaetano Previati. Jesus here seems to be shell-shocked, and his persecutors are like waning shadows. 

This is one of the masterpieces of Chagall. I am featuring this because Chagall is known worldwide, and just to be able to boast that I have seen in person the work of a master of art... even though I don't fucking understand anything about modern art. Pffff! Meh!

Curcifixion by Carlo Conti. I like this one too. Hindi masyado kita sa photo but this is one of the few paintings that indicated the eclipse that happened in during Christ's suffering at the cross. Quite striking is the red color of the woman's clothing at feet of the cross, and that is Magdalene wearing the color of the adultress, even the sorrowful expression of Mary.

This is Van Gogh's painting, The Pietà (after Delacroix). He painted this months before his suicide, giving Christ red hair and short beard like him. And yes, this is another attempt to show the world that I have regarded in person a masterpiece, nothing more, nothing less.

Here's one of my personal favorites. 'The Angelus' by Jean-Francios Millet. The picture is very solemn and poignant, showing the God-made landscape and the toil of man, but all seemed to pause and contemplate the Lord's grace and glory as the bell tolls from afar calling everyone to pray.

It was quite a long time since I've been to an art exhibit. I think people should go out and see art and great masterpieces. It's good that we feed the body, but every now and then, we must also feed the soul and regard art and beauty. 

Pakshet! Imelda lang ang peg!


  1. infairview! nafeel ko na +1 level sa culture mo. pero hindi ako naniniwala na nafeed ang body mo sa musuem. not unless... may ibang nangyari. care to share?

    1. Sobra ka naman nyabachoi! Sa tingin mo ba may lugar at panahon pa ako para lumandi sa isang art exhibit? hahaha!

  2. The Annunciation is such a beautiful painting!! I loved taking Art History classes in college (even though I forgot the majority of the artist's names) because of how spiritual and symbolic the pieces were. Thomas Cole's 'The Course of Empire' was my favorite series of paintings.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I took some art history classes too. Living in a city like Florence, that is overflowing with art, it's unthinkable not to appreciate and learn it. But if i really have to choose, it's Caravaggio for me.

    2. In fairness, honggwapo ng nag-comment sa itaas. (ang landi lang)

  3. Nice shots. Are you some kind of a photographer or what? chars.

    I so envy you. Nagagawa mo ang mga bagay na matagal ko nang pinapangarap. I've been dreaming of visiting Italy ever since, the place where my soul lived in my past life (feelingera lang), and be able to go to art exhibits (I'm a big fan of paintings, especially the classic ones). I am hoping that one day, before I turn 30, I could travel there, together with the man I love. ♥

    Napa-sign of the cross ako sa painting of St Sebastian. Dirty thoughts are now running through my mind and I don't know if my dirty mind should be blamed for it or Gustave Moreau who made that.
    For me, the fantasizing is more on the model of the painting, not the saint itself. I hope that St Sebastian will forgive 'coz it is not my fault but rather the painter's. LOL

    I enjoyed reading this. Keep it up!

  4. Oh artworks! nagdugo ang ilong ko, been wanting to go in a museum (national museum please) dito sa pinas and for me, yes, camera is a must! Then this? cmon! ang daming inspiration at lahat walang tapon (siyempre)

    This one: Adolfo Wildt (1918) - this is the first time that i saw that kind of sculpture.

  5. Do you know the name of the painting with the angel with the rosary beads?

    1. Hi adam! Saw your comments. I can't find the catalogue and I can't remember the name of the artist. It's definitely Italian though. Really sorry.


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