Monday, January 04, 2016

Rome Revisited, Day 1- Stairway to Heaven

Rome Revisited, Day 1- Stairway to Heaven

This is the third time I went to Rome for a short holiday. The Eternal City is in fact one of my favourite places to visit here in Italy. It’s quite special to me for three particular reasons:

1.      My dear best friend, The Traveller, lives there.
2.      When I was Lord Paramount Archdeacon of the Faith (a special ecclesiastical title I conferred to myself, hahaha!), I often go to Rome to hold court, preside over councils, or meet with our bishop to discuss matters of our church.
3.      I love Roman Holiday. I always feel like I am Audrey Hepburn (10 times her size), as Princess Ann, trying to escape from the world and discover the dolce vita of Rome.

Last year, my bestie moved to a new apartment, which he and his roommates named The Royal Super House of the Royal House of Carmagnola. So I decided to make a royal visit to their place last December. I called my other bestfriend, The Beloved One, and told him that we should have a reunion, and he agreed and added that he will bring along his girlfriend. And I was like, “Whatever.” Hahaha! Bitter ampalaya!
Our host decided that we should go to Vatican City and climb up to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. When we arrived at St. Peter’s Square, I saw the horde of tourists and the queue of biblical proportions.

Few years ago, people were free to roam around the square. Now we are forced to stay in line and wait until we get inside. We have to pass through metal detectors and checkpoints. METAL DETECTORS AND CHECKPOINTS ON HOLY GROUNDS. I am scandalized. I am not even Catholic. The attack in Paris has definitely changed our world. Fuck you Daesh.

The Basilica is majestic. Look above and you’ll see a fine masterpiece of great masters of art.

This is the passageway going to the top of the cupola or the dome. There are a total of 551 steps.

There’s a path that goes inside the Basilica that offers a spectacular view of the cupola. And the mosaic art of its walls- made of marble and precious stones.

It is breath-taking- literally and figuratively. I reached the top almost breathless and sweating like a pig (and it’s winter!). But the spectacular view of Rome was worth the effort.

On our way down I saw some sort of marble headstones on the wall. I realized they were some sort of guest register. Royal visits of monarchs, emperors and princes were memorialised in these headstones. They will put mine too… some other time.

Inside the Basilica

St. Peter's Baldachin

Here’s the tomb of St. John Paul II…

The marvellous “Pietà” by Michelangelo
The Trio- I’m the one with the nice ass. Hahaha!

The Cupola by night

And that was the first day. The following days, we will be behaving ourselves and visit more churches. It’s like Visita Iglesia. And then we feasted on these...

We could've gone around the city and see its night life. But we were just dead tired.


  1. Ganda ng view sa taas ng basilica :) Sa tv ko lang yan nakikita hahaha.

    Parang napaka-peaceful ng feeling pag nakapunta at nakapasok din ako dyan :) Is it like heaven na ba? hehehe.

  2. I sure wish I could visit Rome someday :)

  3. Hmmm ask ko nga kapatid ko kung pede sya bisitahin ng makita ko rin yan haha


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