Thursday, January 07, 2016

Rome Revisited, Day 2- Seats of Power

Rome used to be the centre of the world- being the mother city of the Roman Empire, and the city that hosts the powerbase of Christianity where the divine authority of God resides in the person of the Pope.

The first place we visited was the Palazzo Senatorio in Campidoglio, one of the seven hills on which Rome was founded.

The present piazza that you see here was designed by Michelangelo. The Palazzo Senatorio is the seat of the Comune of Rome.

This is the Capitoline Wolf. The statue is probably a replica, and the original is inside the Capitoline Museum.

The legend says that Rome was founded by twin brothers- Romulus and Remus. When they were babies, a king ordered to throw them into the Tiber River. But they were rescued by a she-wolf and took care of them, suckling them so they can live. Please consult Wikipedia for more info.

Right behind the Palazzo Senatorio is the Foro Romano, the Roman Forum, the very heart of political, religious and commercial power of the empire.

The Vittoriano. A monumental edifice that glorifies the persona and reign of the first King of Italy. It also houses a museum dedicated to the courageous heroes who fought for the unification of Italy, and all other military officers and soldiers who fought valiantly in wars in the name of Italy’s freedom.

This altar is dedicated to all Italians all over the world
Garibaldi, the Italian hero of the Unification of Italy

The Trajan Forum- the first shopping mall of the Roman Empire.

Selfie in front of the colossal Colosseum. It is situated in the centre of Rome. It’s interesting to note that funding for its construction came from the loot of the siege of the Jewish Temple. Many of people of my faith still hold on to Pope Benedict XIV declaration in 1749 that many Christian martyrs died in this amphitheatre. No proof of it until now. Currently there are many scaffolding around the structure.

In the evening, we visited the Palazzo del Quirinale, official residence of the President of the Republic of Italy. It’s the 9th largest palace in the world, in terms of area, and it has housed 30 Popes, 4 Kings of Italy, and 12 presidents.

The Bernini balcony.

Last time I went to the Montecitorio Palace, the seat of Parliament. This time, I went to my future office- The Palazzo Madama, home of the Senate of the Republic.

Fuck the Senate!

Powers would come and go. Popes, emperors, kings, princes, presidents, prime ministers- they all come and go, but Rome is eternally mesmerizing and beautiful.


  1. Galawang Lourd De Veyra! hahaha... I had never seen that photo of LDV but my good friend from Senate of the Phils was really pissed off. Hahahaha..

    Clap clap sayo!! Ang payat mo na dito!!!! More travels for the next months :D :D hurray to breaks and travels!

  2. May masasabi pa ba ko? hahahahha, ang ganda pero gusto ko talaga yung coliseum, kagaya nga nga ng sabi mo, Christians were persecuted there... sayang lang walang proof. :(

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  4. oh wow! shet bongga ng travels at picture picture!
    so ano, did you feel weirdly spiritual sa roma?

    1. Not really. Naghanap lang din kasi ako ng lalaki dun. Hahaha!

  5. Childhood dream ko talaga ang makapunta ng Italy. Sana makapunta ako diyan before ako mag-trenta.

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