Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Queenly Queer Queries- The Book Inquisition

A beki bookworm should be able to give a good opinion about a book he has read. Now, to judge a book- it’s high time that I should establish my own criteria on judging novels and books because some of the reviews and grades I made in the past were so inconsistent, it seemed like I was having my man-period or something.

I am no intellectual. I always judge a book by its cover, and if I fancy the cover I’d buy it. I have accumulated lots and lots and lots of books by now that I have to put a moratorium on book-buying and force myself to spend my money and shitty ill-fitting clothes and shoes and other stuff.

Now back to judging a book. Of course, the cover is not the only criterion. I have thought about the criteria for judging a book. So here are the guidelines I have established to judge a book. I call it the 3Q’s- The Queenly (because I am a queen, in a every sense of the word) Queer (I am and so is this questionnaire, in every sense of the word) Queries (because ‘questions’ is a too common of a word).

  1. How was the cover? (1 point)

Yes, I know. I am superficial I judge books primarily on the cover because. But hey, one must appreciate also the efforts of the artist who clothed the written word.

  1. Can the book cause a lot of controversy? Or if the book is controversial or has an outrageous claim to something or really popular, did it live up to your expectations? (2 points)

My kind of book is the one that lives up to its reputation, or the one that can establish a particular reputation, and if such reputation will meet the reader’s expectation.

  1. Did it compel you to do something you’ve never done before? (1 point)

I remember one time reading a novel by a Japanese author. It was so good that I started going to this ramen house because the characters in the book were always eating ramen. A good book will change your habit or can compel you to do things.

  1. Was the plot development refreshing and more than the usual shit you read or has it became your reality? (2 points)

A book should be so original and unique that when you read it, you are so immersed in it, it becomes your reality.

  1. Were the characters of the story similar to your favourite imaginary friends, or did they get along well with the creature under your bed, or have they become the friends/lovers/sex-slaves you’ve always wanted in your delusional world? (1 point)

  1. Has it changed your way of thinking? Have you become a better person or remained the same asshole in the neighbourhood? (1 point)

A good book must make you smarter, a better person in the community or at least stimulate your brain to function more than the usual, so as to be above among the brain-dead community of yours. 

  1.  Tonight. Sex or this book? (2 points)

A book is definitely good when you ignore a booty call, or turn down the invitation of some hot guy/girl to have some boom-boom-pow action tonight.

Optional question: Who do you think should read this book?

And as a Beki-Bookworm Queen, I decree that every book that will be read in my realm will be measured by the 3Q’s.


  1. I will use this as a guide 'pag nagbasa ako ng book.

  2. This is something I would follow the next time I find a good book to read :) Haha


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