Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to Avoid Losing Interest in Reading Game of Thrones

Reading George R.R. Martin’s book ‘A Game of Thrones’ can be a real challenge, at least for me. I’ve finished reading book #1 and I’m currently reading ‘A Clash of Kings’. And if I have to read all 5 books, plus the upcoming 6th book, I would require something to inspire me and something to fan the flames of literary passion for it. Otherwise, it will get to the point of ‘umay’.

Tuscany is the perfect place to visit for all readers of GoT. The world of Martin’s novel has the medieval ambiance that you can find in the remote villages in the provinces of Florence and Siena.

I went to visit the Castello di Monteriggioni, a small idyllic Tuscan town in the province of Siena. It gives you the exact idea of what lords’ holdfasts look like.

The walls of the borgo and its defensive structure was meant to be the frontline town during the wars between Siena and Florence. Monteriggioni is now considered an important pilgrimage point as it was included in the Via Francigena, the pilgrimage path from France to Rome.

Its history of its battles and wars, its architecture and art, and the incredible and unbelievable experience of seeing remnants centuries old in the new millennium is an experience so dear for anybody reading the Game of Thrones saga. 


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