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The Book Inquisition ep. 02: A Game of Thrones

The Book Inquisition ep. 02: A Game of Thrones

I tried hard to not watch the TV series Game of Thrones for two reasons:

  1. I know it will be an addiction for me and I can’t afford to have my time, schedule and priorities get fucked up by GoT.
  1. I think that books have more to offer than the series, although the TV version can help you to visualize in your mind the hotness of the male characters. Pervy! Hahaha!
I summon George R.R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones” to the stand.

  1. How was the cover?
I really didn’t care that much about the cover because I’ve read the reviews on the TV series before I knew of the book’s existence. However, since the cover is in blue, I’m giving it one point, because blue is my favourite colour, and the colour of my house’s banner. 1 point. 

  1. Can the book cause a lot of controversy? Or if the book is controversial or has an outrageous claim to something or really popular, did it live up to your expectations?

I think there’s nothing controversial in it but it certainly lived up to my expectations. The reviews and reactions of people about the series were like mass hysteria so I was really expecting a story that will swipe me off my feet. I was expecting something interesting, a compelling plot, and incredible characters. All the ingredients were there. 2 points!

  1. Did it compel you to do something you’ve never done before?

Did it compel me to do something I’ve never done before? I created a banner and sigil for my household, created a name and styles for the members of the family. I went to a medieval holdfast/castle for inspiration. I beheaded traitors (in my imagination, not yet in reality). I conspired with others to remove from office a local politician. It really brings out the beast in me. 1 point. 

  1. Was the plot development refreshing and more than the usual shit you read or has it became your reality?
It is the reality. The setting may be different but the game of thrones is just as real as the upcoming Philippine General Elections 2016, and all the intrigues and conspiracies of political dynasties.

The story begins with the involvement in politics of the House Stark, the ruling family in the northern part of the realm, when the head of the household, Ned Stark, was named Hand of the King (something like prime minister in our time) by the King Robert Baratheon, his bestie, during the latter’s visit to Winterfell. 

Ned refused but he was persuaded by Robert because he badly need someone trustworthy in his Small Council as he was surrounded by ‘fools and flatterers’.

In the meantime, Ned’s wife, Lady Catelyn received an ominous hidden letter from her sister, the Lady Lysa of the Eyrie, accusing the queen of having plotted to assassinate her husband Jon Arryn, the former Hand of the King.

The royal visit to the House Stark would prove to be fatal and crucial, not only for the household of Ned Stark, but it was also a turning point in the fate of the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms.

I’m not going any further. I am already tired writing a summary of the plot. Anyway, it’s a full 2 points.

  1. Were the characters of the story similar to your favourite imaginary friends, or did they get along well with the creature under your bed, or have they become the friends/lovers/sex-slaves you’ve always wanted in your delusional world?

There’s a lot of characters in this novel that I really loved and hated so much.

The Most Hated. Let us start with the Lannisters. Queen Cersei is a bitch. Jaime Lannister is that typical hottie asshole that you really want to blow but you can’t because he’s the ultimate incarnation of a douchebag in the story. But Tyrion is simply the best. Witty, smart, but he’s ugly.

Then there’s Viserys, who claims to be the King of the Andals, but it would be more appropriate to call him King of the Ampalayas for being such a bitter cunt and tyrannical towards his sister Daenerys.

Then there’s the Dothraki and their customs and their Horselord Khal Drogo, a big guy and horsehung as well. Lol!

In this first book, my heart goes to Lady Catelyn for being such a courageous and virtuous woman, and also the Ned Stark for being valiant and noble. But in the game of thrones, the good ones are always destined to die early. And it really is painful to read how the good ones are killed or suffer so much.

  1. Has it changed your way of thinking? Have you become a better person or remained the same asshole in the neighbourhood?

It really isn’t a book that preaches morality or denounces the evils of society. However, it offers good examples chivalry and nobility of the soul, courage in the face of danger and evil, and the struggle of living honourably in a life filled with deceit and betrayal. Furthermore, Game of Thrones is the ultimate material that would help anybody understand the dynamics of politics- how it works, why it works, and all shits around it.

1 point.

  1.  Tonight. Sex or this book? (2 points)

Reading Game of Thrones is like being intimate with a guy like Khal Drogo. Once you are captivated, it’s gonna be one wild union under the stars, because all things important to men must be done in the open, so you open up wide to this dothraki lord. The experience is the same with this book. 2 points!

I recommend this book to all those nerds, geeks, and random people who would like to understand politics in a more entertaining way.

A perfect 10!


  1. Very interesting as I have no idea what the movie or the book is all about. Thanks to this and now my curiosity is telling me to get hold of a copy and read. Will look for someone with this book and borrow as I don't think a school's library would have one. I don't watch television shows and rarely go to the cinema so I am out of the loop.

  2. Marami ako kakilala na sumusubaybay at panatiko talaga ng Game of Thrones na yan, na nakaka-OP minsan pag iyan ang talakayan :)

    Siguro kasi wala kaming cable channel kaya hindi ako updated, ganyan hahaha.


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