Thursday, March 31, 2016

A New Addiction...A TV Series That is....

For a certain period of time, I was raving religiously for Downton Abbey. I did not only watch the movie, I even searched for documentaries about the Edwardian Age, the Gilded Age, and read books about countesses and heiresses and lords of that period. I even ordered a cookbook on food that was cooked in the late 19th century England. And I don’t even know how to cook!

I tried to write a post for each episode but I had no time. I was too consumed with watching the series and researching. Ah, researching- that old geeky hobby of mine. Anyway, thanks to Downton Abbey I have learned the proper ways of a lady and how to have tea in the appropriate manner. And yes, I have spent a considerable sum of money for a tea set. When the Downton fever was gone from my system, I hit my head on the wall so hard for splurging money on a tea set when I am A FREAKIN COFFEE DRINKER!

So that’s why I hate TV series. Because I can get addicted to it, and I will be self-destructive again- getting late for work because I watched 3 episodes the night before, talk about it almost every day, dream about it, buy stuff that has something to do with it, everything! Ugh, it’s really bad.

I remember when I got hooked on Ugly Betty. I subscribed to fashion magazines and I am not even someone who loves fashion. If there is something I did for fashion, it’s breaking all its rules and looking pretty much un-fashionable all the time.

Now that I am done with Downton Abbey, what’s the next addiction?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you “Madam Secretary”.

Unlike other TV series which I just happened to watch an episode and then got hooked, I searched for this one.

Downton Abbey has left me a void in me which I needed to fill up. So I looked for something that has to do with politics and there it was- MADAM SECRETARY. Plus, Tea Leoni, the lead actress as Secretary Elizabeth McCord, is also a fan of Patricia Cornwell, one of my favourite writers. So here I am, after a dozen episodes, raving again for a new obsession. A new religion. But don’t worry, I won’t be writing anymore about this. I just need to get this out of my system before I go crazy again. 


  1. Oh Downton Abbey. Sige na nga panuorin ko na. I have long wanted to watch this but I gave it no time. This time, I'll allot time for it. (oo, downloaded copies. Hahaha)

    And I would like to see that tea set! LOL it would make one controversial entry if you write about it. Hahaha

    1. It's really a nice drama series. If ypu love history and English culture then this is the thing for you. Aa for the tea set, binigay ko na lang kay mama ko, hahaha!

  2. One thing I noticed is that when you yearn for something, you work for it. What a good trait to have. You will have all the money, or the fame, and the men for being so religiously diligent to what you want. I do watch whatever series is available and then abandon it after three or four episodes as I find watching a lazy thing to do. I have hundreds of things to do at home. The only series I watched till the end, or maybe just my thought that it ended now, was Heroes. I wanted to have superpowers.

    1. Bihira lang din ako manood ng series. Pero kapag nasimulan ko na grabe, masisira lahat ng plano at schedule. Iiwanan ko madumi apartment. Hindi ako magpapakita sa mga friends ko for days. Hahaha! Napanood ko din heroes. Ilang episodes lang. It's not for me.

  3. teka, madam secretary? UK based na naman to? natatakot ako mahook sa mga bagay bagay kasi nagiging possessive ako. alam mo na. buhay alone and single.


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