Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Book Inquisition ep. 03: We Filipinos: Our Moral Malaise, Our Heroic Heritage

This is a compilation of some of the important essays written by the illustrious Francisco Si0nil Jose, one of my most beloved and favourite writers.

His book is not subject to any questioning or scrutiny. It’s too inspiring and well written to be reviewed by a pretentious jerk like me. His essay brilliantly tackled the role and future of the Filipino artist and the shaping of our culture.

From urbanization, politics and our history, F. Sionil Jose shared his precious insights and brilliance, and his important critique of our society. These essays could move hearts and persuade minds, put to shame the sanctimonious ignoramus and assholes in powerful officers of the land, and even push others to unleash the unyielding and passionate patriotism that has long been numb inside our souls by apathy.

Read this book and you will never look at our history and our society like you used to before, unless you harden your hearts and take leave of all your senses.


  1. Hay. For sure im gonna be moved by this book too. The problem is that, when i see reality in our society na sobrang mali and disgusting, i am saddened. Nakakainis na ang media iba ang finifeature, instead of featuring stuffs like this, mas inuuna pa nila ang kanilang propaganda. I just hate it. If every pinoy stand for change, for sure there will.

    anyways, dami kong sinabi, san bibili nito... hahaha

  2. Can't remember the name of the bookstore. Sa BGC ko nabili.


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