Friday, April 01, 2016

Breaking Bread with the Glamazons

Wellness business is the next trillion dollar industry- this is the message preached by world-known economist Paul Zane Pilzer.

And this is the gospel that was preached to me by these glamazons that I met in my business trip to Milan. I say business trip because I wasn’t there to meet the love of my life. I was there to be able to meet the true love of my life- MONEY.

If I really want to be a filthy rich tycoon, then I have to start somewhere. So I decided to call my comadre who lives in Milan, and asked her if she can help me double the money that I had. Now this comadre of mine works for an oil company. A single mom, great job and great salary, beautiful. She’s been in the networking business for about a year. I even asked her why would you join such a thing, as if it was the unthinkable decision to make. But I was also curious.

This is the first time I am signing up for a networking business. Many look down on it because of many reasons such as – it is a scam, products are defective (which I think is not true because I used it and it really worked for me), low income, etc.

Anyway, I’m already in.

I met the chief in a pretty hotel near the center of the city. Of course she can afford such a fabulous place because she was already doing well with her business. The chief was with this acquaintance of mine from another town in the north. They were both perky and… well… white. The kind of whiteness you see on brown-skinned people. And they are so pretty, so pretty that I thought I was turning lesbian.

So before I got in the business they had to do a five-hour full-immersion seminar in a hotel lobby. They were so determined to feed me all they know and all the business strategies that it felt like being in those encounters with religious folks who are trying to convert you to their religion. I did that for my church too by the way.

And I was there trying to keep everything in my brain and suddenly it all flashed before my eyes- this is going to be your life for the whole year. A whole year, because I gave myself a year to try it. So after five hours and settling on an agreement about the business, thank God my comadre came and join us. Otherwise they would be going on and on and I just had enough of it.

We went to this bar for some aperitivo and drinks. And they just keep on going at it, discussing it. I mean they are passionate about it. I take a look at these girls- fit and sexy, nice smooth skin, pretty hair- all prettiness. They’re glamazons. Not the blue-blooded kind of glamazon you see in chic bars of Milan, but the kind that had undergone treatment of the products they were selling. Well, at least the vitamins, soaps and cosmetics actually work.

Their mind-set though was fully immersed in this business that it seemed like it is religion. My comadre told me that I should stop being such a cynic, stop my internet trolling, and should try to be nicer to human beings in general. And I was like, wtf? Seriously gurl?!

“It’s bad for the business.” she said.

My religion had a hard time changing me. Why would I even allow this venture to change me? But I asked myself a question, “How much am I willing to risk and sacrifice to become the next Henry Sy, to outrank the Ayalas, and to buy you, your friends and this bar?”

I had a moral dilemma, even now. I wasn’t willing to change for God, why would I do so for money? I am human. But I always think that I can be better than most human beings. But you see, it is always cold on the high road of morality.

I was already breaking bread with the glamazons and in this circle no one is entitled to preach about holiness. Besides, no one was scheming some dirty game. It was pure business, helping others, and creating wealth and opportunity (thank you Margaret Thatcher for these blessed words).

I ordered my cocktail to be put on a larger glass and proposed a toast- to us, the beautiful us, and our prosperous future.

That night I went back to my hotel. It was kind of old fashioned and less glamorous compared to the one where my chief was staying. But I really don’t mind old and lacklustre hotels. It’s cheap.

I was over-analyzing what happened that day. I can say that it did trouble my soul up to a certain degree. I had a very long chat with my girl bestfriend. After a night with those glamazons, I needed to reach out to a familiar soul who actually looked normal. Most of all, I missed the love of my life. My best friend came out of work early so he can meet up with me. But I couldn’t because of that damn 5-hour business meeting. 

Before I shut my eyes, I asked myself for the nth time, “Am I really happy with this?”.


  1. Glamazons. That is new to me. Magamit nga minsan. LOL

    I have been invited too many times na for networking meetings but I ended up turning them down even without giving much thought about it. Well, I am one of those who shares common perception that such is a scam, blah blah.. Lately, I am giving it a thought but not very seriously yet. Tell us how it works for you. Baka ikaw na ang buhay na magpapatotoo. :)

    1. You just need to do some research on the company and you can figure it out if it's a scam. Sa tingin ko ok naman itong napasok kong ito. Nako pag naging milyonaryo ako, invite kita magkape- networking business presentation na. hehehehe!


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