Monday, April 04, 2016

Gurl Talk and Terrorism

When discussion over the fight against terrorism becomes so appallingly apathetic and “gurl talk” takes over….

A conversation between my VBF a.k.a. Kalachuchi and I…..

I know it’s bad. It’s like were so blithely unaware of what’s happening. But that’s what they really want- take away our laugh and our comedy, and put fear and death in our hearts. You want the truth? Yes I am scared. They did it to France and Belgium. Why wouldn’t they do it to a country that hosts the very heart of Catholic Christianity?

Yes I fear for my life. But terrorism should not stop me from thinking about that cute militant while masturbating. No. This is my life, an existence in my own hands, designed by the Creator I believe in, not according to their twisted philosophy.

Sayang lang talaga siya. Sigh. 


  1. This is very funny, I mean the exchange of jokes, not the ongoing terrorism around. Imagine pulling your pants down for something erotic, then kaboom!, there goes the birdie!

    now i want to see how cute is that gago guy. hmmmm.
    but lets not talk about religion. mahabang usapan yan.


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