Thursday, April 07, 2016

See No Evil, Touch No Evil, Lick No Evil

Few weeks ago, my bestfriend sent me a photo of a guy’s naked torso. Nice buffed up chest, flat stomach with a hint of a set of developing abdominal muscles, smooth dark skin, and hairless. I perked up, drooled, and almost at the point of licking the screen of my mobile.

I asked who the beefcake is. He told me that it was a disturbing photo and that I should look carefully at the picture. And I did. The photo partially shows the lower part of the model’s face. And I was like “WTF?!”..

It was a familiar smile, and the dental features was so similar to someone I know. Holy Lady of Repressed Freaks and Masturbators! It was my cousin! The one who was once my object of sexual fantasies (read here).

Something like this...

It was mixed emotions really. When my bestfriend said that it was my cousin, I was really disturbed that a member of the family has entered the porn industry. I imagined how disgraceful it would be for everyone, especially for his parents. The disgrace!

But that horny part of me said- get that fucking laptop and download it. Now!

Now this cousin of mine is really straight and he’s actually a distant relative. He’s not a minor now so, if the chance of a sexual exploit ever comes up, there’s no reason for me to tap-out (note: some straight dudes are so curious that even though they laugh at gays, they still have this itching curiosity of what it’s like to enter the moist mouth of a gay dude, so he could be one of those).

But I just can’t bring myself to indulge myself to such fantasy. Our families are so tightly knit together that we feel like we are just one big tribe.

It turned out that it was a photo taken from his audition shoot for a male beauty pageant. I think he’s trying to enter showbiz.

I was really pissed off with my bestfriend because: one, he got me so worried for the kid, and second, he revived again a dead sentiment and fantasy, and I hate it.

When he sent that photo, I was at work finishing up the day’s report paper. That night, instead of going to bed immediately, I went out to jog, and when I came back after an hour, I had a cold shower. Early in the morning, my boss called me to inform me how fucked up the previous day’s report was.

Ah! fuck you dear cousin. But I won’t do you anyway. 

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  1. baka naman nakuha lang yung photo nya at nailagay dun? di kaya?...


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