Saturday, April 09, 2016

Tripster for President, or Better, Your Supreme Sovereign Prince

The recent presidential debate that all of you saw in television was like something that came out of a first draft script written by comedians of a gag show, showing us what kind of political culture and policies our country has- a pile of bullshits, or better, ugly jokes.

It’s been known that I am a fervent Miriam supporter and that I have voted for almost all candidates of the Liberal Party in the 2010 General Elections. But just as Miriam’s status has changed, so have I.

Watching the recent debate, I have decided to step forward into the arena and offer my services as the next president of the Philippines.

If we are to say that those four candidates that we saw in the presidential debate is the best of the best, then ANYBODY can run for president, and anybody can run the archipelago republic.

from The Last King of Scotland
And since 1945, our country has tasted democracy and its mythical effects. But I still doubt that our people understand what democracy is. Our political culture of democracy is not as developed as those of Europe or the US. We are still rooted in our ancient concept of power- family rulers and warlords.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, not only I am willing to be President of the Philippines, as God wills it (yes, I am using also the Lord’s name in this game, the way the righteous God-fearing candidates of our country do so), I am also willing to be the Prince of the Islands, the first among equals. Not a king, but just a Sovereign Prince (or a princess if they will validate my vagina). Besides, have you seen those who are in power? Their election is formality, but the truth is, they inherited their political power.

So here I am, by the will of the Almighty, I, T.G. Bagyo, take upon the burden as your next President.


- I am inviting fellow bloggers to join me in my party, formulate our platform, and rule the Philippines! Bagong trip!


  1. so hindi ka na talaga Miriam? ako nagchange ang vote ko over the last 3 debates. ang ending ko Miriam.

    1. No. I challenge miriam. I am running for president. Hahaha!

  2. Nyahaha.

    Iam for MDS.

    Pero nalilito lang ako kung si Miriam ang sagot sino ang tanong?

    1. Si binay siyempre kasi siya ang laging questionable. Hahaha!


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