Tuesday, June 07, 2016

After Six Months....

Six months ago I have listed down 10 goals that I will pursue and try to achieve this year. And so far, I am not really doing great.

  1. Healthy habits- I wanted to be fit and healthy. Few months ago I started to workout again like I used to FOUR YEARS AGO, and that entails also a rigorous diet. And I am failing miserably. I thought that by summer time I won’t be embarrassed to showcase my flesh on the beach. Well, it’s summer now, a very rainy summer. But when the sun is up and I’m on the beach, I’m gonna look like another butanding washed away on the shore. I don’t even want to justify why I stopped exercises and good eating habits because IT’S FUCKING FRUSTRATING WHEN I’M TIRED AND HUNGRY.
  2. Travel- on this point I am managing this one quite well. I am really excited for the summer because not only I am going to shame myself on the beach, but this is the perfect season to travel in the countryside of Tuscany. And the country is so beautiful in the summer. At the same time, all preparations are done for my birthday trip to Gaeta, a small town near Rome, and Paris. I’m really looking forward to those relaxing and fun vacations.
  3. Literary competition- I wanted to push myself to write more often than I used to, and send an entry to the Carlos Palanca literary contest. Ambisyosa! I know. But the goal is not to win but to push myself harder in writing. So far, I haven’t joined any contest, not even sent anything to any call to submissions for publication.
  4. Novel- well, it’s there, in the making. That is if you can call five paragraphs a novel-in-the-making. I am going to lay-off some other commitments so I can really have enough time for this. Busy-busyhan lagi kasi. I am not really busy. It’s simply a question of priorities and time management. And yes, too much time for porn. Hahaha!
  5. Reading Challenge- This is the only goal that I am not having any problems except that according to my tracker in Goodreads.com (the perfect website for bookworms and nerds like me) I am two books behind schedule. But that’s ok because I am reading thick volumes. I am still confident that I will reach my goal of reading 25 books, and perhaps more.
  6. Gifts for cousins and godchildren- I promised to give birthday gifts for my 30 godchildren and my other cousins, all 13 of them. But they’re too many. So I guess they’ll just receive gifts on Christmas. Promise!
  7. Write more blog entries- If I can’t even dedicate a time for a short story, how much more for this blog. And lately, my circle of bloggers is quiet, except for a few handful of dedicated bloggers.
  8.  A New Blog- I was preparing a new blog with a totally new concept different from this one. But I am not keen on keeping two blogs. And I do not wish to close this one down. My target month to publish the new blog is on July. I won’t be anonymous in the other blog. But we’ll see. I might abort it.
  9. Learn a new skill- I was thinking of taking classes in kenjutsu, or something that would teach me how to use a sword so I can decapitate assholes with a real samurai sword. Kill Bill style. Instead, I started a new thing. Networking business- a new skill that could give me what I really want and love so much- MONEY.
  10. The Pursuit of a Rich Lover- my chances of becoming a querido to some rich bloke are still zero. What if I try to the rich one and purchase my own man-servant/man-whore? Hmmm…

How about your goals?  


  1. Plans? Goals?

    Mine's a bit slow in progress but hopefully getting there. #patungosapangarap

  2. #8 - Sana ay matunghayan ko ang bagong blog na yan :)

  3. Awwww go sa Palanca! Gusto ko din yan! But syempre bilang reyna ako ng delaying tactics.

    Naku ang 2 blogs. Medyo 50/50 ako sa outlook niyan. Pero syempre sino ba naman ako para mangialam ng goals mo haha.

    Benta ang rich lover. Gusto ko din yan.

  4. Yes and i did wish for some of the things posted here 6 months ago.. tapos ito ako ngayon parang 2 lang ata na achieve.. hahahha.. di bale may 6 months pang natitira for 2016...


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