Friday, July 29, 2016

Good reads so far...

Works by my favourite writers…

Sherds by the illustrious F. Sionil José

It has the same old favourite theme of F. Sionil José- class struggle. But you can’t get enough of it, simply because it’s a story that is truly happening in the Philippines.

Peter Gregory Golangco, an artist, academician and a hacendero who belongs to the old and wealthy Golangco clan, meets the feisty and bright student, Guia Espiritu, and was mesmerized by her native beauty and wit.

The rich guy is frustrated because he couldn’t decide whether he wants her as a mistress, or as his protégée, or as his daughter. The author has always rich DOM’s in his stories. LOL! But that’s fine with me. I don’t want to be judgemental.

So the girl will be an inspiration for him, but will she be his ultimate downfall?

The book poses the questions about the Filipino artist and its role in the struggle of the poor and the end of the rich’s supremacy.

Very interesting and insightful to read.

after the quake by the literary drug Haruki Murakami

after the quake is a collection of stories that revolve around the 1995 Kobe earthquake. Six stories written in Murakami’s distinctive and addictive style. I honestly don’t know how to expound on that. Nevertheless it is a wonderful book. I always consider his works as drugs and my ultimate source of psychological escaper from my dreary personal life.

Get high on this book, not on drugs.

Twisted 7 by The Universal Potentate, Her Imperial Highness, Grand Empress Jessica Zafra

Her rants and raves about the great, the noble, the squalid, and the mediocre will make you laugh out loud, and realize that she is the ultimate diva that would change your life, or at least brighten your day with sarcasm and irony. Not to mention her crusade against the stupid.

Read Twisted 7. Pledge your fealty to Her Imperial Highness the Grand Empress. Enjoy! 


  1. Ooh this must be something I need to watch out for soon in my local bookstore :)

  2. I should start loitering inside bookstores back in Manila to scout for local authors. I do not remember the last book I read from a fellow Pinoy. I do like the gist of the book Sherds and will probably get a copy this summer. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You can finish Sherds in a day pero babalikan mo minsan ang ilang parts kasi mapapaisip ka talaga sa role ng art at artist ng Pilipinas. May mga isinama siya na legends regarding a powerful family (Cojuangco).

  3. I read Sherds some 10-12yrs ago and honestly I don't remember the story na. But since it is Sionil's, I can vouch how good his works are.

    I have several Murakami books but I have never read any yet including After The Quake. I don't kbow. Maybe bcoz I still have plenty of books left unfinished reading. One day.

    I know Zafra but have not read any of her Twisted books.

  4. Yung kwento ng "Sherds" ay parang tulad ng sa mga telenovela, sana i-adapt yan :) Di pa ako nakabasa ng libro ni Murakami, yung unang libro nya noon na naging popular din ay di ko nagawang bilhin at mabasa kasi mahal at ang kapal hahaha, malamang di ko matapos agad lols. Kamusta naman pala si Jessica Zafra? Hindi ba nagkasakit sya? Anu na kaya ang update sa kanya...

    1. Nako tama ka diyan! Bagay na bagay yan na tv series.

      As for Her Imperial Highness, ok na siya. Thank God! She's working on a new book yata. May website siya

  5. Gusto ko matry yung 2ng unang libro, the first one, i felt na ang intriguing. Kung ako yung nasa part ng writer ang hirap nga nun, hindi mo alam anu na fe feel mo para sa isang tao,

    The 2nd book sounds intriguing, parang psychopath yung way ng writing niya. Sine you mentioned that the author touched the story itself, for sure, there's a touch of him on that book.

  6. I'm a Harukist, so I'm thrilled that you've read after the quake. 😊 I love the last story from that book. It sticks...


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