Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Of First Ladies, First Queridas and STD's

After many years of hopelessness, finally, Malacañang will be illuminated, not by the new president. No. I wasn’t concerned about the presidency at all. I was talking about the “Office of the First Lady”. Yes, the country has urgent need of a First Lady, and by God’s grace, He granted us Davao’s mayor, the beautiful and kick-ass woman, Ms. Sarah Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio.

We sometimes disregard the importance of the role of the veiled power-player behind the throne. In the past, First Ladies were just the presidential consorts and principal hostess of the Palace. But that was not the case when Imelda Marcos assumed the role which she totally revolutionized after becoming an influential power-player herself. She wasn’t only the Palace’s hostess, but she was also the late dictator’s alter ego, and at times, one of the many political rivals. Imelda proved herself as an important political weapon when she became First Lady- she was a public charmer, humanitarian, and the president’s envoy.

Enough about Imelda. My point is, since Imelda, the First Lady’s role has changed and evolved in many ways.

After Imelda, there was Mrs. Ming Ramos who was very active in her role as the presidential spouse, advocating issues for the environment, going around the country promoting and helping charities and many other foundations, even sports events that promote her sport badminton. 

And then we had the Martyr First Lady, former senator Loi Ejercito-Estrada who renovated the Palace and making it the grand splendour of Manila (I presume).

Of course, First Ladies wouldn’t be interesting without their antitheses, the First Queridas.

I wouldn’t discuss Imelda’s rivals here. That’s another entry. Believe me, I can write a book about it. I just need the right sources and do some more research.

As for the Ramos Administration, there was The Hidden First Lady who was allegedly the hostess of a powerful political group who “counselled” President Ramos and was said to have an overwhelming influence on the President’s policies. This socialite had a very peculiar relationship with FVR. I won’t say anything further. I might end up committing another presumed cyber-crime, or worse, assassinated for being too chismoso.

On the other hand, the Martyr First Lady Loi Ejercito-Estrada, well she had to share the President with other 12 Unofficial First Ladies, allegedly; each living in her own splendid palace in the capital, allegedly.

The last decade we had Presidential Spouses who are too glamorous, too scandalous, or too irritating.

The fall of Estrada paved the way for the Gloria days, who gave us the first ever First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo- a huge pig, ugly, and perhaps guilty in all levels of corruption and plunder. He represented the Philippines in various business meetings, perhaps with the Chinese, and many other dark lords of corruption.

And then we had Kris Aquino, the lady whom I fondly called STD First Lady. She graced the Philippines with her super white skin, wide mouth, annoying accent and laugh, tactless bitchy manner, and her STD. I hated every moment of it, of having Kris Aquino as First Lady. I really don’t know what she has achieved and I really don’t care.

But now we have Sarah Duterte-Carpio, The Kickass First Lady. I will never forget that punch she gave to their local sheriff in Davao. And her compelling campaign to push her father to run for the presidency. And of course, the fact that she bears the name Carpio makes it imperative for me to raise up my banner and support her.

Obviously, of the two de facto First Ladies, I choose the First Lady with balls over the First Lady with crabs.

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  1. Sana nga "Change is Coming" talaga.. and that we would be able to feel the good changes soon :)


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