Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Charming Prince of Malacañang (and a sub-entry on political fan-girling)

I've always said that politics is the showbiz of the ugly, by the ugly, and for the ugly; for I see more ugly faces that charming and beautiful ones.

There are only perhaps a dozen of people I could think of in 30 seconds who are truly handsome or beautiful. And they are doomed to fade away, or they really never increase in number.

The usual focus of the public is on the candidates, on the politician himself, and on his opinions. The usual shit in politics.

But the 2016 Presidential Race was spiced up when media covered the most useless and frivolous issue of the election season- the candidates' sons and presumptive heirs. And by the looks of it, their offspring possess the glamorous and panty-dropping, enchanting, nakakaloka looks (finally, thank God!).

In the era of beauty-deprived politics and mental mediocrity, the media has discovered something that will give us hope, or better, a break from the random male-celebrity bullshits we watch in porn, in television, and from looking at all those familiar faces and crotches in EDSA billboards that have bogged down our taste and appetite for substantial male beauty.

Thank you media. You really know what the people fucking need. So they featured this roster of young men that I like to call the new Princes of Philippine Politics.

My personal pick is Brian Poe- the "pang commercial" smile, flawless skin, pretty face, and an impressive family background.

But this was way before the general elections. And out of nowhere came out this photo.


And I was like:
The Stages of Evolution from Political Observer to Slutty Fan-Girl

Stage 1- Reads the name Sebastian Duterte. Hmmm… *click*

Stage 2- After two photos. Furious clicking and typing of key words in various search engines.

Stage 3- Giggling like a schoolgirl at the sight of another photo

Stage 4- Hormone overdrive. Lost all reasoning capacity. Libido takes hold of every piece of one's humanity.

Stage 5- Gets back to reading and searching for Sebastian Duterte while raving on the phone about the guy with gurl bestfriend.

Stage 6- Speaks of Sebastian Duterte with friends, calling him by his first name like they are in a real relationship.

Stage 7- Shrieks and giggles and speaks in wild tongues whenever Baste's photo appears before him. Undergoes therapy.

And that's how I became Baste's secret paramour. LOL!

 To end this worthless entry, here's a photo of my new beau.

Don't you just want to become a soap and lather that body all over? LOL!


  1. ang saya kong binasa yung stage 1 to 7 hahaha :)

  2. hahahaha. kaso si baste daw bad breath sabi ni Ellen Adarna.

  3. They are all eye candy to me :)

  4. Napatakbo ako dito...
    Nagbasa, then natawa sa 1 to 7
    Tapos biglang na turn-off sa "bad breath" eeeew!

  5. bad breath, talaga to si ellen, yan na next mo search! hahaha,
    You forgot riza hontiveros'son, Isa din siya sa roster, meron din ata yung kay villar eh? nga pala yung kay marcos pa, hahaha. Naglabasan sila bigla lahat.

    wala yang mga yan, ang sakin yung anak ni Binay, Ayaw mo ba kay JunJun? hahaha

    1. Junjun? eeewww! PEro maganda asawa niya at ang puputi ng anak niya. Hehehe! Buti na lang maganda si Abigail, at kahit si Nancy, basta matabunan ng make-up at styling, gumaganda siya.


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