Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Of Swords and Saints: The Sword in the Stone

This picture maybe familiar to you.

Disney’s version of the story of the sword Excalibur and King Arthur. According to popular British legend, the Excalibur, the sword in the stone, will only be pulled away by the true and rightful king of Britain, that is Arthur.

One research led me to another and I found out that there’s a sword embedded in a stone and can be found somewhere in Tuscany. But its story is kind of told in reverse.

There was a ruthless and worldly knight who goes by the name Galgano Guidotti. According to some records, it was said that later on in life, Galgano had two visions. In his first vision, he saw Archangel Michael telling him that he, the angel, will protect the knight himself. In his second vision he saw the Creator and the twelve disciples. After seeing the visions, his horse took him on top of Monte Siepi. There he decided to plant a cross but could not find any wood to cut so he plunged his sword into the stones in the ground, a gesture of his pledge to live a holy life dedicated to the Lord.

I am not sure of the story’s authenticity since the Church at the time had to fabricate certain stories of saints. But the relics found there are quite awesome, and many people in the past have claimed to have experienced miracles and healings.

But I was wondering. We Filipinos have a famous saying- itaga mo sa bato. Pilipino kaya si St. Galgano?!