Monday, December 26, 2016

The Year That Was 2016

It's been quite an interesting year for me, even though I failed almost all the goals that I have set up.


I entered the networking business. I had fun in the early stages when I was earning good money. I deposited some in a mutual fund and burned another huge amount of it in food trips and other travels. But that's okay. I wasn't quite all set to be in Forbes 500 this year.

The Death of the Political Animal in Me

Around February I lost all the desires and interest in politics. And I tried to muster all that energy for politics and focus them on Kris Aquino, beauty pageants, and pageant men (things that I used to hate with all my heart).

From then on, I was happier. Less troubled by the world and by the madness of mankind. Even with the arrival of the Dutertards and all their shit in the internet, I wasn't really annoyed or moved. I was quite indifferent.

There were bombings here in Europe, and I really could not care enough. I sound like a terrible human being, but I'm just trying to be pretty much like everyone else. I don't go to charity dinners anymore, symposia, or any political gatherings for social awareness and all that shit. I am the indifferent average Juan. And I quite like it. My blood pressure's lower now. LOL!

The Death of an Icon

Miriam Defensor-Santiago died. And it was one of the saddest moments of my 2016. She was my hero, my idol, and everything for me in the world of politics. So God took her away left us people like Enrile, the Marcoses, and the Binays. Sometimes, I just wonder if God is just being a mean bitch.

Engineering My Travel Plans

No more "drawings". All my travels were finally engineered to reality. Gaeta, Rome, Vatican State, Paris, Tuscan medieval towns, and other major cities of Italy. If God wills it, and if He doesn't decide to be the ultimate frustrating force in my life, I might finally make my Grand Tour Southern Italy a reality in 2017.

That Fucking FIAT 500x

I thought I was going to be able to buy a new car. I wanted the small FIAT 500. But the car dealer was really handsome so I agreed to buy the FIAT 500x, a bigger one, a crossover car. I dunno what it's called. I don't fucking care. I just like it, and the car dealer. But it's so fucking expensive so I asked, "how about a financing program, like mortgage or something?", and handsome car dealer said ok.  And I was so looking forward to driving a new car by December. And I am still here, driving my good old Golfie, a Volkswagen Golf. And it's really frustrating- not being able to have a new car, and not being able to see that car dealer again. Paasa kasi ang mga putangina na yan!

A New Boss

We have a new boss. So that means there's a new set of rules, another round of political games to be played. Will I survive? Or will I go higher? A change is chaotic but it's good for the soul. But let me sharpen those claws of mine and be the mean bitch, because the games are about to start.


  1. hahaha gustong-gusto ko yung mga point of views mo, walang sugar-coating :) at yung kwento mo sa FIAT 500x na yan, natawa ako :)

    happy holidays mr. T!

    hayaan mo na ang politics, nakakapraning, lalo na ngayon...
    kaya i-enjoy na lang natin ang life, and sana nga God will intervene, bangungutin sana lahat ng corrupt na pulitiko one night para maglaho na silang lahat hahaha :)


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