Saturday, December 24, 2016

Twas The Night Before Christmas 2016

It's actually Christmas right now while I'm writing this. I just wolfed down some salmon, hamonado, lasagna, tiramisu, chocolate gelato cake, cheese, and lots and lots of rice. Yes, rice pa more! A Filipino Noche Buena is never complete without the rice. No ham or any roast pig for us. For some reason, my mother, the official Noche Buena chef and the ultimate authority on dictating the menu for Christmas Eve's dinner, has no penchant for any swine meat


Anyway, I just fucked up my health tonight by gulping an unaccounted number of wine and, currently drinking, a sweet goblet of Martini rosato.

But I am quite happy this Christmas. I was able to give nice gifts to my best friends and my cousins and my beloved nieces, whom I spoil so much and treat like my own princesses. I think that's all I need for this holiday season- smiling faces from my cousins and friends. That, and a 3-day trip to northern Italy, in Turin.

Strange enough, I have to say that I am happy at this moment of my life. Strange because whenever I try to analyze how my life has been this year, it's really frustrating.

I mean started with some great goals at the beginning of the month, and I ended up nowhere.

Goal #1- Be fit and healthy- FAIL, LIKE REALY FUCKING FAILED IT.

I am eating like a slob with the wrong set of food and the wrong time of the day. Don't want to give any excuse except that it's really fucking hard to discipline myself.


I've been around Tuscany almost the whole year and have finally visited other fabulous cities. Birthday trip to Gaeta, a week in Paris in the summer, another Roman Holiday with friends, THE STATE VISIT TO VATICAN STATE (I have to put it all in caps), and next week, Turin. I FUCKING NAILED ALL OF IT FABULOUSLY.

How was it possible? Almost all of it were SOLO TRIPS, that is, a trip by myself only. Yes, being single really allows you to achieve lots of things, and one of it is travelling to places without any hassles and waiting for others. Rome and Vatican and Paris, those places I visited with friends or family. But for the rest, I travelled alone. And strange enough, I had fun, really.

Goal #3- Join a literary contest- FAILED

Goal #4- Write a novel- FAILED

Instead of pursuing these goals, I started to pursue another goal- that networking business. Yes, I preached the importance of open-mindedness, the excitement and thrill and the compensation of such small but promising business, and the money, oh the fucking money you can get from such little things as soaps and creams.

I am not yet a tycoon. And for those who said that this is all a scam, well, I am not going to prove anything. I am just happy that all of the money I used for travelling was from that baduy networking business, while I was able to save my salary.

But a full-time job and a part-time networking business can really drain out the life from you. In fact, I had to stop for sometime because I just realized that I really don't like business. It's really about the money. I wasn't having fun, because I would be happier if I were writing down the first chapters of my unborn novel.

Goal #5- Read 25 books.

I'm on my 24th. I might pass this before the year ends. Let's hope so!


Yes, this Christmas, like I said earlier I was able to give away gifts for cousins and friends. Next year, it will be my uncles, aunts, and parents turn to receive gifts.

Goal #7- Write blog entries

I was really quite lazy this year and wasn't even productive. Partly because I have no discipline and just give way to the desire to sleep all day or too occupied doing other stuff (trying to make money by selling beauty products and not doing low-cost blowjobs).

Goal #8- Launch a new blog

I really delayed this because I was and still am undecided whether I will create a new blog or not. It feels like Tripster Guy is over, and a new being is about to come alive. Well that new creature has been around long before but has never been given the limelight. In fact, this may be my last entry here. Who knows? I think I'll need another round of martinis to think it through.

Goal #9- Learn a new skill- FAILED.

I wanted to perfect my French, or calligraphy or anything. Nada!

Goal #10- Find a rich lover- FAILED

I couldn't even find a decent lover, let alone a rich one. Or maybe I am not really slutty enough. Sigh.  

And now, let us a draft a new set of goals. Perhaps I'll be luckier this 2017.


  1. Well at least yung mga major plans mo eh muka naman natupad. Merry Christmas Mr. T

  2. naalala ko tuloy yung friend ko sa open-minded-thingy na yan :)

    sumubok din ako isang beses sa networking, kasi nga promising ang kita, pero oo tama ka, kukunin nito ang marami mong oras, at hindi rin talaga very satisfying ang kumita lang ng pera...

    balitaan mo kami sa iyong bagong blog, kung matuloy man :)
    so hindi ka na si mr. T kung magkaroon ka man ng bagong blog? sino na?

    ako naman, mukhang need kong magkape para maisulat ang mga nais kong gawin next year hahaha :)


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