Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good 2017

I read an inspiring entry in Ms. Coffeehan’s blog (please do visit her blog here). She shared something about not asking for the easy things in life, because all great things are achieved the hard way. It was never meant to be easy.

I’ve been keeping it so easy last year because I always said, “if effort is involved, I’m out of it.” And I realized that it was never meant to be easy. And fuck fate for making it that way. But what else can I do? So I have decided to not go gentle into 2017. I’m gonna rage against the coming of the year!

Goal #1- Be fit, healthy, and sexy.

Love life will come if I can be sluttier. And not just look sexy, I’m aiming for that body that says, “I’m an insatiable bottom-bitch masochist that needs some whipping.”

Goal #2- Write, for Chrissake!- 

Use the hand for more writing, and nothing else. Promise it, with my right hand raised in pledge and my left hand on my laptop. Sorry crotch. The attention is not on you anymore! Lol! I’m gonna write the first chapters of the novel of my dreams, and join a literary contest, somewhere. Aja!

Goal #3- Raise up to 3.000 euros this year.

I’m gonna do this not only from my salary or those investment funds. I’m gonna sell more soaps, creams and many more! From odd jobs to blowjobs, I’m gonna do it all! I must set the appropriate budgets for certain expenses also.

Goal #4- Ask a goddamn financial institution for money to buy a new computer.

The fucking Iron Bank
I really don’t need a computer. This old Vaio laptop of mine is still working. I just need to have a credit history, so I can get a bigger credit to buy a new car, and eventually, a bigger credit to buy a house of my own. It’s all so fucking bullshit.

Goal #5- Read 24 Books

I’m gonna read books like my life depends on it this year. Fuck it!

Goal #6- Draw plans for next year’s Grand Tours

Make plans and arrangements for my Philippine trip next year and my Road Trip Italia 2018, Southern Italy Edition.

Goal #7- Plan this year’s getaways

I’m not just gonna stay here. I will go where the universe has always stopped me from reaching!

Goal #8- Be this year’s Santa Claus to my family

Last Christmas, I gave away gifts to all my sister, cousins and nieces. This year, it’s gonna be my uncles, aunts and parents. As for my godchildren, yung mga paborito ko lang. The rest, sorry. Hahaha!

So that’s it, ladies and gentlemen. I’m so ready for 2017. Bring it on!

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  1. Great goals, kayanin yan. I will aim for some of your goals as well, mamimili nga lang ako. Hindi ko naman talent sumulat ng novel o maging Santa. Travels, yes! Sexy body, puwede rin. May love life nga kaya after that body, abangan!


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