Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How I Started the Year 2017

It was one of those winter nights when the sky is studded with bright stars and the silver moon was shining. The winter winds were gently caressing my cheeks, and everyone was simply having a nice evening promenade.

I was with friends. I needed their company that night. The new year just came in and I was already full of emotions, that I was almost going to burst. So I distanced myself from my friends for a while and fixed my gaze into the horizon. I then looked up at the starry sky and said, “PUTANG INA MO UNIVERSE!”

And for a moment, I was quite okay.

So what brought me to Piazzale Michelangelo to get a breather?

Frustration. I was so frustrated because I just couldn’t get my goals right on track.

Let’s start with the first goal that every one has- be fit and healthy. I just can’t stop myself from eating like a pig. I just can’t stop myself from eating junk food. I just can’t push myself to do exercises or go to the gym. I really don’t want to go to the gym because for me it’s a useless expenditure when I can do workouts at home. At home, I don’t do any workout because, obviously, it’s tiresome and uninteresting for me. Argh! I hate my lazy self!

I couldn’t find time to write, because I was too busy finding the time to get my 8 hours of sleep. Otherwise, I’d be cranky and be prone to make a lot of mistakes at work. We don’t want that so we go and get some well-deserved sleep. When I lack sleep, I can’t even concentrate and I can’t write decently, like right now. Gosh, I’m not really a decent writer but at least I am able to focus on something.

And worst of all, that blessed old car of mine that behaves like a blackhole that sucks up all my money- repairs, tax and insurance.

And I am broke because the government imposed that sort of income tax so a large chunk of money went to the pockets of those pigs in Parliament. Or maybe those assholes in the Ministry of Interior.

I try not to lose hope. I think I should organize my thoughts and schedules. Maybe that’s why I’m so fucked up. I’m so chaotic.

Ok, let’s do this!


  1. It helps when you have someone with the same goal to encourage both of you to do the same thing, like exercise perhaps. Find a friend or running partner to do even the littlest that you can do. One step is better than none.

    I am getting big but in my mind I keep on telling myself, I have no money to buy new trousers, so I walk a bit. And then I got a 5k gift card from someone, ha,ha,ha,

    I am like you. I am not lazy but when I see a bed, I sleep. Good luck! Maybe if we plan to see each other this summer, you will be motivated to show yourself to us in your fittest form, ha,ha,ha.

    1. I need someone to help me. A special someone siguro, para magka lovelife na. Hahaha!

      Kelan ba tayo puede magkita? Magmamaskara pa rin ako. Hahaha!

  2. Nitong nakaraan, kain din ako ng kain ng junk foods... ayan tuloy, nagmumukha na rin akong junk! Lol :)

  3. Una sa lahat, tumutulo sipon ko kakabasa ng salitype mo.

    Pangalawa, benta mo na yang kotse mo. bumili ka na lang ng scooter. total uso naman dyan sa inyo scooter, makiuso ka na rin.

    Pangatlo, i feel ya bruh. dumadaloy din sa dugo ko ang katamaran. lalo na't ganitong kalamig. isipin mo na lang ako, may times na tatlong beses sa isang linggo lang ako maligo.


    1. Una, pasensya na, hindi ko alam na mala virus ang epekto ng entry ko.

      Pangalawa, oo nga. Naisip ko na rin yan. Kaso mahilig din kasi ako sa roadtrip kaya hindi ko pa ma dispacha.

      Tatlo, nako kakaiba ang lamig this year. I think mas matindi diyan sa inyo.

      At finally, amen to that! Tangna to da highest level para sa universe...

  4. Procrastinating can be so disastrous sometimes. If you want to be fit and healthy. Isipin mo lang na you are doing this for yourself - that you love yourself.

    Yeah junk food must be stop.

    Baby steps. Di naman nadadaan lahat sa mabilisan.

    What a tuff life indeed.

    But that last paragraph of yours will change everthing...


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