Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Book Inquisition Ep. 6- The Red Mist

The Queen of Queer Book Queries summons the book The Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell, and passes her absolute judgement on this book without referring to the 7 inquiries.

You have been found guilty of undermining the interests of your faithful followers by creating a Dr. Kay Scarpetta that is totally self-absorbed despite her excellence in the medical field, in the field of law and even in architecture, who is still unhappy despite having a handsome husband and a successful career.

We were supposed to know why her assistant chief medical examiner Dr. Jack Fielding died, and why his estranged daughter has something to do with his death. We were supposed to know how Dr. Fielding's abuser was able to pull some strings to make his death possible and the destruction of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, if that woman was really ever involved.  
More than that, I have read more than a hundred pages and still, there are more questions than answers, and what was a page-turner in the past, is now a crime story that rivals the dense and dry dogmas I read from the most boring religious books that could be found in the Vatican Archives.

You are sentenced to be shelved in the “Atrociously Disappointing Books Section” in my Royal Archives.

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  1. hmm, wala ako masabi. Di ako makarelate sa book. Haha,
    but you seem to be disappointed. PEro wala parin ako masabi.

    Napadaan lang po. :)


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