Sunday, April 09, 2017

Goal #7 in Detail...

Sabi ko kailangan ko makaipon ng pera at mag raket para makapag raise ng pera. So that means kailangan mag sacrifice.

Pero I remember when I was young (still young naman, what I mean is when I was younger), I always look forward na makapasyal at mag roadtrip kung saan-saan pagnagka trabaho nako.

Ngayon pa talaga ako magtitiis. Sabi din naman nila, kailangan matuto ng late gratification- yung magtiis ngayon at kapag maluwag na, saka magpakasawa sa lahat ng gusto.

But then, masisiraan din ako ng ulo kung hindi naman ako makakapasyal. So I’m going local! Why not make low-budget trips to towns and cities nearby? 

Here’s my Travel Bucketlist of 2017.

1.      Go to Reggio Emilia and eat a bucket of chicken at KFC

Reggio Emilia is a city in northern Italy. Besides Rome and Milan, it has also a KFC restaurant. We do not have the luxury of having a wide array of choices of fast-food restaurants. Italians are quite slow to understand and appreciate fast-food culture. KFC recently entered the slow-food nation and I’m going to travel 180 km just to eat fried chickent.

2.      Visit Orvieto- it was one of the papal residences in the past until it was annexed to Italy in the late 1800’s. I’ve always been fascinated by the papacy’s power and legacy, that’s why I want to set my feet where Popes loved to tread.

3.      An overnight in Cinque Terre- I want to go back to Cinque Terre. The first time experience was really terrible. I want to go back again so maybe this time it would be better. 

And I also heard of a very interesting boat tour. 

Di ba?

4.      Summer Escapade in Elba Island- that small and lovely island where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled. I’m already trying to convince friends and my cousins to come with me. Drawing na naman yan.

5.      A Boat Tour in Lake Como- hoping to see George Clooney

6.      Revisit Turin and see the Reggia Venaria- If can’t go back to Versailles, then I’ll experience opulence in this magnificent palace in the north.

7.      Wine-tasting in Siena- my own version of Under the Tuscan Sun

8.      A day trip in Ferrara- I’ve heard so much about this so it’s time to make the plan real.

Sige, drawing lang tayo ng drawing. Magiging totoo din yan!


  1. Ang gaganda ng lahat! Balang araw makakapunta din ako dyan. Kaya magpunta kan jan kasi ikaw ang tatanungin ko. Hahaha

  2. good luck sa iyong Goal #7! interesting talaga yung boat tour hehehe :)

    1. Balitaan kita kung ano mangyari sa boat tour...

  3. I would to travel to Italy someday! :) It's just too bad I don't really have the luxury of time to actually go there.

    1. Basta kung pupunta ka dito, contact me. Raket ko na maging tour guide. Hhebehe!

  4. Mukang magugustuhan ni ate nuts ang boat tour nyahaha


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