Monday, April 10, 2017

Life: Humanity’s Stupidity and the Road to Extinction (Not a Review, But a Definite Spoiler)

I have begun to appreciate the science-fiction genre, so I went to see the movie “Life” because basically I’m just girl-fanning for Jake Gyllenhaal.

I’m not trying to make a review here. I just want to speak out my thoughts about this movie. The ending is bad. Not cinematic bad. It just seemed stupid. A group of highly intelligent people, experts in fields of engineering, science, medicine and many other stuff. All failed to contain a Martian creature from entering our planet.

I mean, they are intelligent. How come it ended in this moronic manner? So stupid.

I have always this theory that one day humanity will implode because we keep on producing stupid kids. Well not necessarily stupid kids, but we tend to impose stupidity upon our species by denying ourselves anything that will improve our thinking.

But I am not really sure if the movie itself is stupid, or the movie is actually mocking humanity by telling us- “this is you, humanity. You will like this movie. And I will make a stupid ending because you’re all stupid.”

Or perhaps, it is prophesying to us, telling us of what is coming ahead of us. Ugh. I hate humans.

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  1. I dont know that there's this movie but this pretty reminds me of Justin Timber's In Time. It's also sci fi-- have you seen it? maybe you can compare if im actually correct in comparing the two...

    I'm Back! I missed your blog!.


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