Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bullying At Its Finest, or The Coward Dilawan Broke His Silence

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The issue on the 1000-peso Commission on Human Rights budget was so clamorous that it actually reached me. For almost a year, I think, I didn’t give a shit about it. But it was so absurd that I had to break my promise on not commenting anymore about politics.

I don’t believe that the Duterte Administration is actually serious about doling out such shitty budget. If it’s serious on giving a considerable chunk of money to Mocha Uson, then CHR has better chances.

But I think the President together with those assholes in Congress have achieved that none of his predecessors (presidents after Marcos, of course), not even my beloved Gloria Arroyo, to be the Alpha Bully of the State. CHR has been so critical of the government that the latter had to pull strings among its allies (those fucking turncoats) in the House of Representatives just to show the agency that the real boss here is in MalacaƱang.

I don’t believe that Duterte thinks that human rights are worth 1000 pesos. He wouldn’t do all this trouble of waging war against drugs if he didn’t value the rights and freedom of the victims of drugs or those who are feel oppressed by drug syndicates or street gangs involved in drugs. But it just shows what happens to anybody who is not in line with his decisions or political opinions. And there ladies and gentlemen is how the spirit of democracy starts to diminish.

True- the State Bully did not close the agency. All of our democratic processes and institutions are alive and well. But the moment you expressed a different opinion, there starts the trouble.

Many people argue, especially the Dutertards, that the CHR deserves that miserable budget because it is inefficient, always taking the side of the criminals, and very critical of the government.

You know, Noynoy was really stupid and incapable of delivering anything single-handedly, unlike the actual President, but he and LP removed a very questionable Ombudsman and actually put someone efficient. If the president thinks Chito Gascon is inefficient, why not replace him with someone else?

Because the State Bully must show to everyone, especially to government agencies, departments and officials, that shit happens to people and agencies that obstruct his agenda. And on top of that, those who do not conform to the rules of the State Bully will suffer the online bashing of cyber-bullies, like virtual piranhas attacking every piece of information about you.

And after all this brouhaha, Congress would restore the budget to a near P 650 million. Not because of the pressure from the media and the international community, but because CHR and other agencies broke down and cowered to the demands of these political brutes.

Then all the Dutertards cried out “Protect Duterte and democracy” or whatever slogan shit they’re saying these days. That’s Duterte democracy for you- living in the shadow of the State Bully. 

I am just speculating, and I hope that this is just a theory, and I do hope I am wrong. Otherwise, I am a dead man walking, the way opinionated Filipinos tread the streets during the Marcos years.

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  1. But the thinking Filipino is thankful enough as you have put into words some thoughts most of us can think of or realize at all.

    Nakakasuka ang gobyernong ito. Aykennat talaga!


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