Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Beauty in the Eyes of the Social Media

I am happy for Xander Ford. I am happy that Marlou Arizala is dead. I am not a hypocrite. I embrace the “beauty is all” mentality. I am neither the hottest hunk nor the most gorgeous douchebag next door. But I would still choose the hunk and the handsome over the ugly and smart, UNLESS, he’s rich. That’s another story.

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In the words of younger co-millenials of mine (yes I’m a fucking millennial, don’t you dare doubt that. Though I am the eldest of our kind, borderline Gen X), the netizens were shooked (that’s a word nowadays, can you fucking believe it?!). Mixed reactions really.

Many people are saddened because, for them, the becoming of Xander Ford is the unbecoming of human values on aesthetics- that is becoming more and more superficial. To me, it’s sheer bullshit and hypocrisy. Marlou was famous because people were making fun of him in the internet. Eventually he had a strong following, because people usually think that the ugly are good comedians. I think his comedy days are over.

We all love beauty. We all cheer for the beautiful. I have written so much about this hot young cousin of mine. He’s no Einstein but whatever shit he posts on Facebook, it would be gathering a minimum of a hundred likes. It’s not even relevant or funny. When I post something witty on Facebook, I get 6 likes, 5 death threats and an excommunication (the latter is not even a joke). Sometimes there would be a mob outside my place, all excited to burn me in the stake. That’s because I have no cheekbones that compliments my eyes, no abs to show, and no smile to generate boners and wet pekpeks. That’s the reality. And that is not the said reality. Reality is a cold bitch. Shove a vibrator in its ass and it’s still a cold bitch.

This is the 21st century. And in our time today, when beauty products are a plenty, plastic surgery, and wellness clinics are sprouting like mushrooms left and right, to remain ugly should be considered a sin. Technology and medical progress have provided solutions to correct whatever glitches nature had in our physical formation. I still don’t understand why many people can’t accept this.

The issue here is actually financial- that many of us cannot afford these beauty products or undergo cosmetic surgery. But the wellness industry is doing its best to expand its clientele so that we, the paupers and can’t-afford people, can get the whitening soap and the glutathione pills.

So if you want to look good. Go! Get that gym membership. Get that whitening soap and slimming pills. Work hard for it. It will make you happy and feel better about yourselves. There should be no shame in aspiring to be beautiful. It is shameful though to shame others who have this aspiration. But if you choose to stay just the way you are, then, I have no problem with that. It just make us glitter, look better, and who knows, I might get laid finally! 


  1. dami kong tawa :) and very true :)

  2. Good read! Well I feel the same way when I post something in FB which makes me hesitate posting often (as if I'm famous nyahahaha).

    Well, reality shows that if you are looking for someone to love, feelings for someone is important but face value is more importanter (the hell) and the pocket value is f*king priority hahahaha

    1. I so fucking agree. hahaha! Basta panatilihin natin ang paniniwala na ito: na sa panahon na maramin nang pampaganda, mortal na kasalanan na talaga ang manatiling pangit, dahil diyan din ang pag-asa ng business ko. hahaha!

  3. as they say, walang taong panget. meron lang mahirap..


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