Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Of course, the fullness of a State Bully is completed by the presence of its gang. Yes, the gang of Duterte supporters, commonly known as the Dutertards.

In North Korea, they venerate their leaders in the spirit of communism. In our country, the State Bully is venerated by his horde of supporters, united by the cult of fearmongerism.

I like the Dutertards. They are united. They give solid and genuine support to the President. They are updated and are ever more socially aware of what’s happening in the country. And now, they have the flair for exaggerated drama to the point of being able to polish formidable bullshit. They started good and could have ended as glorious trail-blazers. Instead, we see nothing but virtual and mini-versions of Mocha Uson all over the internet and the archipelago.

That was actually the dream- that I would see Filipinos being informed and making strong statements for the country, for our communities, and for our ambition as a nation. But I see a group of people standing for one person, defending one person, and even trying to cover up the shit of one person, although that one person is not the country. I see people promote a state of mind in maniacal fear.

Ok, my problem with these people are that they are smart and intelligent and they are spewing the most incredible bullshit I’ve ever heard, chanting the slogan- Defend and Protect the President, or something of that nature.

It is as if the Presidency is constantly under siege, that there are dark forces conspiring for his downfall (I mean what the fuck? This is politics for chrissake, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEBODY WHO’S GOING TO PLAN HIS DOWNFALL, SO THERE’S NOTHING REALLY NEW ABOUT THIS SHIT?!), and that it cannot defend itself alone. That’s why the Dutertards must unite to protect and defend the President.


Defend and protect who exactly? The President who was able to implement his plan of action to hunt down drug dealers (or kill whistleblowers, it’s practically the same these days, innocent, criminal, doesn’t really matter. Dead is dead, and that’s the war on drugs my friend, so eat that shit), implement the Freedom of Information Act (other presidents like the boneless Noynoy Aquino didn’t have to balls to do it, Arroyo was too corrupt, and others were busy with something else), and change Cabinet officials with one snap at a time, without weakening the resiliency of the presidency? Is that the kind of president who needs protecting and defending?

Look, Noynoy was a boneless dumbass who made the poorest decisions- from fucking up China, the Manila hostage crisis, the internal bickering in the Liberal Party of which he has no real power over, and yet his administration survived. Arroyo, a little lady playing the role of president in a macho-oriented political culture faced impeachment raps, rallies, mutinies (read: TRILLANES the perpetual epal), but remained president all throughout nine years. And you all are compelled to protect Duterte? Are you fucking serious?

Defend and protect from whom exactly? The President is hell-bent on sending to jail or politically demolish drug-lords and democratically elected political leaders who have been critical of his rule. Single-handedly. Defend him from human rights groups? He bullied the CHR, an agency that eventually came back with its tail between its legs. Criminal lords? He was wiping out drugs and criminals in less than one year, something the other presidents couldn’t do in their 6-year stint. The media? He just convinced his supporters to discredit all media networks, and he has a formidable army of political bloggers, and many social media geniuses, that in the years to come obsequious historical revisions will flatter him even in the grave. Who the hell would have the guts to stand up and destroy the Strong Man? Are you all fucking serious?

There’s really nothing wrong when citizens stand up and express their loyalty and support for the president. It is commendable. But what pisses me off is why only for him?

When the country was ravaged by corruption and criminals, where were these Dutertards? Why weren’t they making strong statements against all the forces of evil? Why weren’t they standing up for the people?

They don’t stand for the people anymore. They stand for one man. Serving the pleasure of one man. They betrayed their own kind. They betrayed their fellow men, the way Filipinos betray and spit on the graves of those who fought for such freedom and rights.

So go on. Protect and defend him. Let’s wait when China steps in. And when that time comes, who will protect and defend the people? 

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  1. The next thing you know, Duterte becomes a god and then, these dutertards are his devotees.


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