Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Why We Hate China

The one thing that I really approve of our president is his diplomatic and friendly stance toward China. Despite his grandstanding of how he would go straight to the disputed islands to plant the Philippine flag, he seems to maintain collaborative relations with the dragon nation of Asia.

But many Filipinos do not agree to such diplomacy. Why? Because many Filipinos simply hate China (but not Chinese food).

There are several reasons why Filipinos hate China. And this is just my observation. This is not fake news. This is totally my opinion. The Chinese government is not paying me for this.

1. We are envious of their wealth.

We’ve always doubted their wealth and their methods of money-making. Behind their backs we would speak of it as ill-gotten and be indignant of their fondness for money-making, the way we speak ill of the prosperous Chinese-Filipino community in our country. The truth is, we would also like to join the bandwagon of these prosperous merchants. We despise them because we lack the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills that seem to be inherent in the Chinese. And obviously, we resent having them as our bosses and employers. So we resort to mud-slinging and creating legends of their unspeakable corrupt nature. But you know, Filipino businessmen are no different. In fact, we can actually surpass them- in terms of bribery and greed. The ruling family-merchants of our country even have our Constitution hostage to favor oligarchy.

2. We are envious of their white skin

It is possible that our hate for the Chinese is deeply rooted in our frustration and aspiration to have white skin. Our people were raised by colonizers to think highly of clear skin and of the west. We laugh at products made in China and we don’t even trust products that are made in our own country. We are so desperate to look like Westerners and become the Caucasians of Asia. Well at least that was our aspiration some 20 years ago. Now, it’s all about looking like Koreans- white silky skin with virtually no pores.

But the Chinese have us beaten there. Look at their clear white skin- very similar to the Koreans. They are the authentic white people of Asia. And in terms of skin color, we are nothing but a second-rate trying-hard copycats.

3. We believe they eat babies

One of our fundamental beliefs about China is they eat babies. We have that information from the internet. Before the brouhaha of fake news, we were already susceptible to what is sensational and false. Many of us are incapable of reading the lines and do not possess the appropriate intelligence and knowledge to judge what is right and what is wrong, or what is fact and what is urban legend. We put our faith and beliefs in urban legends and spit on what is fact. Maybe because we love entertainment and the absurd that’s why we choose urban legends, glamorize it, and uphold it as divine truth. And that’s where we are in having ties with China- we know nothing of their history or culture, or oblivious of the fact that if the Chinese president got pissed off with our stupidity, he could simply push the red button and erase our archipelago from the face of the earth. That’s how deep our understanding of the Chinese people and Chinese civilization.

4. Which bring us to my next point- our US-imported stupidity.

We adopted US-centered mentality, or better, the US-centered stupidity. How long have we been friends with the US? It’s not like we were better off with the US than with any other ally. Yes, it’s true- Americans helped us in the war and gave us our independence. But let us not forget, the US will support anything or anyone in the Philippines that will advance their interest. They had to uphold the Marcoses so the Philippines will stay with the West, even if it means having blind eyes towards human rights abuses and political turmoil. They would even finance that, as long as their interests are secured.

We all believe that US goods are better. Anything from the US is better. But we have to face the fact that we’ve always been fucked up with the US, and that the new economic power is China.

But then, we all love urban legends and we will stick to what has been stuck in our asses. In the meantime, we are so blind to see that the American empire is crumbling, and that the ancient empire of China is being reborn.

5. We have different Gods.

Our bond with the Americans is beautifully sealed by one another thing- Christianity, something that binds us strongly with the holy nest of pedophiles, The Vatican. We believe in the same God and the same Jesus Christ, uphold the same Bible, and live the same hypocritical lifestyle. We have a hard time indentifying ourselves with our Chinese cousins because we have different sets of belief system.

An example is how many Christian pastors are so willing to express their support online to the US president, simply because he was said to have bible studies in the White House. Really now. He’s a racist bastard who makes fun of persons with disabilities and behaves immorally towards women- things that Jesus Christ would do (?).

And why are we even willing to prep up the whole nation when the Pope is about to visit our country? It’s not like the Vatican will be providing jobs or making our economy and society better. After the visit, our streets are bathed in blood, we are at each others throats, and we’re back again to our real identities- full-blown hypocrites.

Then we will look at China, shake our heads and proclaim them as godless people. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Religion is important. It gives our society a heart to care for the poor and love our neighbors. It’s supposed to teach us equality and dispense justice for all, defend those in dire need, and maintain peace. But we are no better than the godless country of China.

So there you go folks. These are just my thoughts and ramblings over a pile of dumplings I’m about to devour.

Personally, I would love to go to China. It’s a country rich in resources, culture, beautiful landscapes, and it has a very interesting history. And I admire the strong cultural identity the Chinese have. I would like to start a business there and take part in that economic and financial boom. And most of all, Chinese guys. Yummy. LOL!

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  1. good points! isama mo na din ang selfish mentality ng chinese compared to US na over friendly kasi naabuso na pala tayo (third world) na hindi natin nalalaman.


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