Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Break-up Month: Why You Should Do It Now?

November should be the Break-up Month, the ultimate deadline for guys and girls to do what they have been hesitating to do in these past few days, weeks or months- break-up with their partners.

from theimpactnews.com

This is for the cases of those who have fallen out of love, or got bored, or found someone else. This is the perfect time to do it. In fact, this is the deadline.

Why is this the ideal month?

  1. It’s convenient- financially and emotionally speaking.
There’s no special holiday in this month that requires you to buy your partner any special gift to which he or she can attach a memory and a sentiment, unlike December. Breaking up this month can save you time, money and energy.

If not, then imagine yourself on the following month, braving the traffic and the crazy queues of the holiday shopping frenzy, the mental effort exerted on what item to buy for your partner and the memory and thrilling thoughts and emotions your unsuspecting partner will attach to that object. And for what? For your partner to realize that the following week your relationship is going to end. And that will be devastating. And in the moment of the havoc you have brought upon your partner, the Christmas gift will stand out as a reminder of the past happiness that you have destroyed.

No, you don’t want that to happen.

You can spare your partner that if you break up with him or her TODAY.

  1. Prevent greater damage-
Don’t be a total jerk or a total bitch by breaking up with your partner on December, worse, during the holidays, because if you do that, in the following weeks after the holidays, your partner will be left alone and that would be devastating and inhuman.

For once don’t be a dickhead. Give your partner the coup de grace and break up this month.

Your partner would surely be broken this month and lose the will to live. By December, friends and family will be available and have time to go to your partner and give him or her comfort and emotional support he or she needs.

It would be therapeutic and will be helpful for your partner to recuperate, to cope up and rise again from the ruin you caused.

  1. Time for reflection-
And finally, breaking up in November will give way for the both of you to have time to reflect during the holidays on your relationship and what happened to the both of you.

And you will both realize that you are not destined for each other, or perhaps the other way around. Or perhaps you might realize that you bother deserve somebody else, not someone better, but somebody you truly deserve.
And for you, to realize that doing this will not take away the fact that you are still a parasitic scourge and a curse that deserve to burn in all seven hells (if we were living in the world of Westeros), and that the least you could do is not only an apology but executing this practical advice.

Fuck you.


  1. may pinaghuhugutan ba ito? :)

    pwede bang makipag break-up sa pagiging single hahaha

  2. totoo yan. tawag nila sa US, turkey drop. eto kasi yung time na bakasyon tapos makakahanap sila ng bagong kalandian. bwisit yan.


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