Monday, June 11, 2018

New Man in Town

I resigned. Managing bullshit is not really for me. It was never my plan. It was a job that has taken up so much of my life, so much of my efforts, and so much of my time. It was a job that I hated so much since day one.

Now I’m in a month-long break. Not vacation. Just a break. A moment in my lifetime where I can get back my life for a while, think things through, make definite plans if it’s even possible in this volatile existence, do things I have been thinking of doing in the past, and try to live life as much as possible in this short period of time.

Many things that I can think about- how to lose all this belly fat, small business, writing projects, what should I do with this blog, etc.

Some friends told me that I wasn’t thinking clearly. Some of my colleagues thought that I was acting so immature for somebody in his thirties (yes, my mind is still that of a 20-year-old young adult). But I just couldn’t take it anymore being fucked up every single day, quarreling over small things, having nervous breakdowns when dealing with petty issues like we were NASA handling an apocalyptic crisis, like that of an asteroid about to hit Earth. That’s a lot of bullshit and it was becoming an everyday routing. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

Life is gonna be different from now on, especially now that I have a pauper’s wage. I would have to cutback on a lot of things- eating spree, book hoarding, travelling, male prostitutes, stuff  sad and creepy bachelors do, you know, the usual.

I don’t know what really lies ahead of me. I just feel like it’s going to be better from now on. And I really do hope it would be better. I hope to find happiness now that I have more time to do things that I love doing. Less stress. And just live life!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Age of Shadows

I am a superficial being. I judge books by its cover. And when it comes to movies, I judge it by the looks of the actors. And this is my case as regards to the South Korean 2016 movie “Age of Shadows”, screened at the 15th Florence Korea Film Festival, last year. Yes, LAST YEAR. Because I have no other better things to write about this year and I was supposed to be posting my humble review last year. So here I am. 


It has the ingredients of a good movie. Such as Song Kang Ho. Ok, he is no Chris Hemsworth, but he’s one heck of a great deal in Korean cinema, plus the fact that it was a movie by Kim Jee-won, maker of cult movies, makes it really an impressive work of a cinematic art.

Song Kang Ho, from
And as cherry-topping that makes it a must-see are two exceptional actors- Gong Yoo (release the massive fan-girling!) and my personal object of desire- Um Tae-Goo.

Gong Yoo from
Let’s take a moment to discuss this object of my fantasy Um Tae-Goo. I honestly do not have a professional opinion, not even the qualification, to be able to judge him and say that he’s an exceptional actor. No. I don’t know what the deal is with this guy, but the way he did his role as the mean bad guy in this movie really made me desire him so badly. It think it’s his deep husky voice. It’s the fierce glare he does when he looks you in the eye. I dunno. I thought he was really sexy, that I started ovulating even without ovaries and all that shit.

Uhm Tae Goo 
Back to the movie.

Age of Shadows is set in 1920’s Japanese-occupied Korea. A Korean police captain was dispatched to track down undercover revolutionaries, motivated also by hefty rewards from the Japanese government.

His mission to unmask whatever secret plans the revolutionary movement has turned out to be his undoing, as it revealed the inclinations of his inner soul.

A war movie with exciting and exceptionally choreographed action scenes. It’s a war movie that doesn’t glorify or sugar-coats heroism, but reflects the human soul, and character of a man and his good nature when he faces the predicament between prestige and survival or salvaging humanity and brotherhood. 

Great cinematography, interesting plot, Song Kang Ho, and Gong Yoo. What else do you want?  

Wednesday, May 09, 2018


First and foremost, I watched this because of Nicole Kidman. I got even more interested when I learned that it was one of Park Chan-wook’s masterpieces. In this movie, combining the beauty and talent of Nicole Kidman, the genius of Korean master movie-maker Park Chan-wook, the charm of Matthew Goode (soooo good I orgasmed), and Mia Wasikowska’s talent in projecting an eccentric (psychologically and sexually) girl, you get Stoker, one of some awesome weird shit I’ve seen so far.

India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska) is an eccentric girl who doesn’t like to be touched. Well, if you have a towering beauty of a dysfunctional mother Evelyn Stoker (Nicole Kidman), I doubt you’d be an average girl.

Her coming-of-age brought some disastrous and ominous changes in her life- her dad died in a car accident, and a long lost Uncle Charlie suddenly appeared in their lives. His arrival in their house would awaken unexpected feelings and desires, a series of disappearances, and the unfolding of secrets and history of a family scarred by violence and mystery.

Park Chan-wook showcased again in this movie his mastery of the cinematographic art- sophisticated imagery, ever so mind-enticing plot development, and the oozing sexiness of Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman in their characters. I never thought that Park Chan-wook can make an exquisite Hollywood movie. As a rule, Hollywood movies are generally sugar-coated ├╝ber-glamourized. But this one proved me wrong as Park Chan-wook masterfully executed a beautiful noir that would shake your mind, soul and morals to the core. You simply have to watch.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Speaking of Korean Tension... The Berlin File

The Berlin File is a 2013 thriller/action movie directed by the godfather of Korean action movies Ryoo Seung-wan, and it was featured at the 14th Florence Korea Film Fest 2016. In this edition of the film festival, I discovered Ha Jung-woo. Hmmm… boner alert.

The story is about North Korean special agent Pyo Jong-Seon who was negotiating an arms deal with terrorists in a hotel that was eventually busted by Israel’s Mossad. In the mean time, a South Korean agent is also running after Pyo and investigating the failed arms deal. So, Pyo, in addition to running away from an executioner from North Korea and other spies from South Korea, was also trying to figure out who set him up and his wife who was working in the North Korean embassy as an interpreter, and who’s the double agent.

I know what you’re thinking. This review is fucked up right? I know! It’s a fucking spy movie. I just can’t simplify the plot here. But I can guarantee you that it is worth it.

Superb acting. I mean, a guy like Ha Jung-woo holding a gun. Sigh, sexy. But seriously, the action scenes and the convoluted story line are quite breath-taking. It was thrilling and interesting to watch that you would almost wish that the real thing should be this exciting, and not as boring as handshakes and smiles between a stiff president and a pudgy-faced despot.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Whose day is it anyway?

It’s a public holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers, a day that originated from the sweat, tears, and efforts of labour unions. It’s our day. Workers. The day we commemorate the legal establishment of the 8-hour day. A victory of the proletariat, the communists, the socialist, the people.

circa 2002, my first ever political rally

Where the fuck will I be today?

I won’t be marching on the streets like I used to when I was a young hippie-looking deranged activist. I will be flipping burgers. Serving my boss. Serving the horde of hungry people with their shitload sentiment of entitlement to be served with the license of abusing workers over the counter.

In the meantime, underpaid and labour-rights deprived workers in other sectors will be in their homes, not to relax, but to brood on the fact that there are no choices left for them but to shut up and strive in their jobs as taxpayers money went down the drain of the financial black holes in banks, parliamentarian pockets, and capitalists.

There’s so much wrong with May 1. This is not anymore about ranting about the fact that I can’t take a holiday on this date, but about the fact that nobody really cares anymore about the very essence of this holiday. It’s just another day to stay at home or be somewhere else.

And all those grand speeches by left-wing leaders that they spew in rallies they hold in large piazzas here? Meaningless. They don’t mean a thing, especially when we have more taxes than earned money. When people can’t pay for their homes, when young couples can’t be certain of their future, when the youth can’t even get decent jobs and decent paychecks, when many labourers are exposed to exploitations and opportunist capitalists, what the fuck are we celebrating?

On a day like this, why are capitalists getting more benefits than its workers?

On a day like this, why are we forced to embrace shitty working conditions?

On a day like this, why is it that the economy is growing at the expense of our ever thinning wallets?

On a day like this, why is the “think positive” culture is not paying the bills of average families and not ensuring a better future for the youth and “negative” people like me (fuck those I’m-all-about-positivity-rich-kid-life-guru!)?

Tell me why?

Quitting is like...

Quitting my job is like trying to divorce a rich psychotic and violent husband and ending a toxic relationship but I just can’t do it because life is hard and money is everything. So here I am, back again at my laptop, whining and whining and whining all the way.

Today I spoke with the owner of the restaurant and told him that I have changed my mind and I have chosen to remain and continue my work as manager. But he said that after what happened, he thinks that I'm not really fit to do that role. I didn’t even try to refute that. All I want is some source of income and a job minus the responsibilities, hassles and bullshit, but with the same salary. So I'm gonna be just one of his bitches working for him. I have no qualms about that. 

I got what I want. Salary maybe lesser, but I am fine with what I got from this shitty deal with my boss. I was one step away from freedom, but I threw away that chance because of one thing- NO CLEAR AND WELL-PLANNED EXIT STRATEGY.

My attempt to quit was not an impulsive choice. I’ve had it in mind since day one. But the timing was not quite ideal because I haven’t considered many aspects. Which aspects, you might ask? I have no idea. I’ve been watching too many videos about quitting one’s job and my head is about to burst.

But anyway, it’s a new path for me and I have to remind myself constantly that from now on, this is a temporary thing, that there’s another goal that I must achieve (beside getting a boyfriend who is willing to support me, lol!).

Good bye April. You’ve been such a pain in the ass. When I see you next year, I hope you’re not as bitchy as you were this year.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Silver Screen Delights- from sexy black men, love and beastiality, to hot Russian spy

This is not a review, just a wild raving of someone who was lucky enough to find time to go to the cinema house. And these are the movies I’ve seen recently.

Black Panther

Ladies and gay men, this movie is a must. The story of how an African prince from Wakanda, an obscure and totally unknown nation in Africa, came to power and experienced the weight of his responsibility as king and super hero, and his grand purpose for his country and the world. More than that, I can’t help myself from salivating at the sight of half naked sexy black men wrestling in a pool.

Oh my God it was talong galore! Call me ignorant and superficial, I don’t care! I am superficial. I won’t be commenting about superb acting by Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, or Lupita Nyong’o. I’m not commenting any of that. However, special mention must be made for Boseman’s and Jordan’s torso, and Winston Duke’s hot dad bod (just the way I like it). The costumes however were fabulous and special effects were superb. Plot was ok, which is a great feat for a Hollywood superhero movie that promises nothing but humor and special effects.

Can’t wait to see a porn parody of this movie though. Tag libog na naman po ako!

The Shape of Water

A creature from the sea we commonly call “shokoy”, a mute, a gay artist, and a feisty black woman- the heroes in a movie set in the 1950’s, a time when a mute will be locked up in an institution, homo will be bashed and imprisoned, and a feisty black woman will be shot without any hesitation. In some ways, it is a movie that denounces social conventions created by bigots, Republican Christians, and idiots.

The movie is free of Hollywood’s special effects. It actually has a good storyline, good acting, and, I don’t know, a different kind of twist? I mean, what is it like fucking a shokoy? Or kissing a fish? Falling in love with a sea creature and having sex with him- is this considered beastiality?

This is a movie that talks about love that has no boundaries. Now, when I eat sushi, I can’t stop thinking about that shokoy penis inside a woman. Disturbing, intriguing, though-provoking. Boner killer. Lol!

Red Sparrow

A young Russian girl became his uncle’s pawn in a game of espionage after witnessing the murder of a scion orchestrated by the Russian government. To save her from being liquidated, she had to undergo special training in a very elite and unique force called Sparrows. They were trained not for combat or technology wars. They were trained to become professional whores- to manipulate and seduce in order to obtain information or eliminate enemies. I enjoyed looking at Russian guys very much. LOL!

Jennifer Lawrence was so hot and sexy that for a moment I thought I might be a closeted straight, or maybe bisexual. And then I saw the American CIA agent Nathaniel Nash interpreted by Joel Edgerton. His beautiful mature face and body just confirmed my fabulous sexual persuasion.

Not so much of a “Mission Impossible” or “James Bond” movie, but very much like the vibes of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”, yes, that good movie most fucktards wouldn’t watch. She’s a spy that fights to have it all by being bruised, cut, and fucked up all over, in order to bruise, cut and fuck up all the others who have used her.

Interesting movie. Beautiful location (Eastern Europe). Beautiful men. A must-see.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Drink the Whine, Eat the Dread

I hate my job. I have always hated it since day one. I have been promoted. And anytime soon, I might get another raise and another promotion. But I fucking hate my job.

I was promoted because of politics and not because of my performance. I wanted more money so I needed to get ahead of others. So I availed myself to the company’s shittiest overlords- free eight-hour shifts, shopping bag carrier, driver, everything an ambitious suck up would do. I’ve done everything but sleep with my overlords. Unfortunately, I still have my morals and decency intact.

I really can’t say if my life got better or worse. One thing is sure, I hate it even more.

I hate my job because the workplace is already toxic. You can’t trust employees and management alike. Everyone’s back-stabbing everyone else. I hate my job because my director is a bitch from hell. No, that’s not a metaphor. She’s the very incarnation of the term “bitch from hell”. And finally, the clientele is a roster of human beings who survived their abortion from birth. They were supposed to be dead. God wills it they live.

Sometimes I think I might have been one of Hitler’s generals in another life for me to deserve such life. And if I am to be reincarnated again, it’s still gonna be shitty.

It was unfortunate that I lost my first job during the crisis in 2009. I landed on this job because there were no other job openings around me. Offices, shops and restaurants were closing almost every other day.

This year, the Italian economy is barely recovering. There are jobs now but I’m not sure if I quit my present job I could find another secure one, not to mention all my other financial commitments.

Sorry for the post that is so full of whining, negativity and bullshit. It’s been a difficult February, and March is proving to be even more challenging.

Tonight, I might go and watch a movie, get drunk, not get laid because it’s a night out with the girls (besides, I never get laid, LOL!), try to have fun. Then go to sleep to get ready for tomorrow. Universe, please don’t fuck with me this time.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

2018 Goals, Anyare Na?

I almost forgot that I had these goals. Ano na ba ang nangyari?

Goal 1- I am still not fit, and I live a very unhealthy lifestyle. I’m actually stacking up liquors in my place so that after a night out of aperitifs and shots, I can make my own cocktails in the convenience of my home. My eating hours are crazy, so are my sleeping hours.

Goal 2- Writing. Blogging was almost put to a halt last month. Pressure sa trabaho kaya walang creative juice na lumalabas sa utak. Ever since I was promoted wala na talaga ako maisulat na matino. This job is a curse since day 1. And I still don’t understand why I’m still putting so much effort in this shit. Tanga tanga much ko lang.

Goal 3- I’m already on my fifth book. Currently reading Jodi Picault’s “The Pact”. Very interesting. Previous book, Banana Yoshimoto’s “High and Dry, Primo Amore” was quite disappointing. Read it in Italian.

Goal 4- What’s cooking in Westeros? I am now making plans to host a dinner, serving dishes featured in George R. R. Martin’s saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” a.k.a. Game of Thrones. Recently, I made a very easy breakfast that would have been served to the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Goal 5- Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir ? That’s all my French for now.

Goal 6- Business? Monkey business. I’m not taking any serious actions. Ugh.

I should take decisive action and understand what are the things that are distracting me. I should probably get help, or read some self-help books. 

Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Calling of the Third Wheel

All my cousins and friends are married with kids now. I am the only one left behind. So when my cousin organizes a dinner party at her place, I would equip myself with info on the latest about parenting, baby diapers, and get inspiration from my parents to have something to share or know when the topic of domestic life arises. But I still don’t belong in this company of married couples.

These days I go out with my younger friends. Most of them are still single. But I still don’t feel that I belong. I am more like a chaperone than being one of the barkada. In fact, one of them has already made me his ninong for his wedding.

I used to feel quite sad for being out of place in many settings among friends and family. Somehow I found solace in being the Third Wheel in many of those relationships. In fact, I have already embraced the idea and have considered it a sacred calling. And I am quite sure there are many Third-Wheelers out there who haven’t realized this. It’s time to embrace it, accept it, and fulfil your destiny. Being the Third Wheel doesn’t mean you are a loser in love. Maybe you are, but by being the official Third Wheel to your friends, you might learn one thing or two, or you might help cultivate a budding relationship. This role will change you and your destiny, and maybe even your luck in love.

A Roman holiday as a Third Wheel in Rome, 2016

In those years of third-wheeling I have come to realize the importance of this role to society and mankind. People still haven’t realized this but without you, yes, you my dear third-wheeler, many relationships wouldn’t have come into being or be broken half-way. And many relationships wouldn’t have flourished without you.

Every budding relationship is like a seed that must be planted on good soil, and that good soil is you my friend. You are there because you have the power to enrich this relationship and make this love better or even deeper if you only allow yourself to be the good soil, the official Third-Wheeler.

You are the common ground of two strangers in love with each other. In most cases you are the common friend. Those two strangers still don’t know each other very well, so it will be up to you to think of ideas on the where they will be comfortable to date, providing them the appropriate background info each needed to know. And if they drag you along, you can help them know each other by clearing the air when it gets awkward for the two of them during dinner. In cases of shy people, you can be the host and liven up the conversation for the two. If the date becomes disastrous, you are the exit strategy of that friend who dragged you along. You’ll know what to do. And if it goes well, then you can simply make a gracious exit. Do not think of it that you’re being left behind. You just finished a good task, something that they’ll be thanking you when they are both standing in front of the altar exchanging vows. You just did the Lord’s work. Remember, for every good thing you did in your life, you will reap it bountifully in the future. So at the end of the day, you didn’t lose anything at all.

In a two-way relationship, a third party must do something to harmonize with the other two and establish a symbiotic relationship with them. The keyword here is creativity. You must be creative, for your sake and theirs. Be creative enough to be their photographer and capture unforgettable moments. Be creative enough to coach them on being sweet and charming, and even in grooming, style and many other things. This means that you’ve been educating yourself in finding life-hacks for many aspects of life and relationships. This stock knowledge is not only helpful for the couple, but also for you.

The Third Wheeler is almost inevitably the couple’s therapist by default, given the fact that you made that relationship happen. If there’s a fight you’ll have to be there for the two if they asked your help. If there’s a problem, you’ll have to be there for two if they asked for advice on how to fix things. Of course, you are not God. You won’t be able to fix everything but be there for them and avail yourself for them at least. Be the fixer. Be the peace-maker. It is said, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.” See that? I’m a third-wheeler, a peacemaker, a child of God. See that homophobes, God has a gay son too in me!

Moving on.

Besides, if that relationship doesn’t go well, you might as well be the replacement. Rebound guy or not, there’s a possibility that it is love. Or else, at least you will get laid.

These are just the few satisfying things in the life of a third-wheeler. One day, they’ll be thanking you by making you the godfather to their kids, or making you their own godfather. Relax. It would mean extra expenses during the holidays and birthdays and anniversaries, but they don’t really matter. It would give you a certain pride and joy because they have acknowledge something good in you, and that goodness will one day be paid back in kind.

Have I found love in all these years of being the Third Wheel? Yes and no. I was somehow unfortunate but I know one day when I meet someone, there will be that indispensable Third Wheel to help us through.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Something to drink....

The official drink ng mga singles this Valentine's Day.... or even everyday.....

Made of pure ampalaya extracts and blood of ex's, heart-breakers, and bile....

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Date Charity Project

This is an impromptu initiative concocted by friends to take out to dinner the single guy (who is hopeless in love, not even hopeless romantic) on the eve of Valentine’s Day, because I am officially the charity case in the barkada when it comes to love.

The 0bjective is not to make it memorable for the single person like me. The objective is to show that there is still life outside Valentine’s Day and dateless nights. Basta ‘wag ka lang mabakante.

The charity project goes like this:

  1. Save the date- the official date to do this is February 13. Not later than 14. Because 15 is supposedly dedicated to singles who want to party and celebrate their singlehood, flaunt their very much aspired independence and nonchalance attitude towards relationships; an actual pathetic attempt to cover up the bitter ampalaya mema status.
  2. Food for the loveless soul- The choice of food is important. Again, nothing fancy or overpriced. Fancy and overpriced are for lovers and couples because love does not make them use their brains and be practical. It has to be something that reflects the nature of singlehood- basic and pragmatist. Food must be good, cheap, and reminiscent of certain aspects of the things lacking in the life of a single person which can be achieved through food.
Dinner in an Asian diner. A large pot of spicy noodle soup and fried duck. Spices in place of a hot night, hot soup and eggs in place of a hot date (like what we say in Filipino- sabaw na lang, may itlog din naman), and duck to remind the single person that even if he or she is a sitting duck, that person is still appetizing. And it really has to be soup because, wala lang. Sabaw kasi yung single eh. Lol!

  1. Number of person in a date- It should be three. Three is a company. A solitary figure needs a company. Two is the top even number for Valentine’s Day. Three is for the charity case, since the lone person is already bogged down by the looming feast, there’s one for conversation and one for laughter. Conversations can be about love, politics and anything under the sun, ending as usual with the talk of tae.
And those are two persons who will generously split the bill and pay for the single guy’s dinner.
  1. Dessert as finale-the charity date must end with glucose overdose, to compensate for the lack of sweetness in everything of the single life. And eventually, coffee, symbolizing the bittersweet status of the beneficiary.

And thus I command you all, do the Lord’s work. Ilibre niyo na mga single diyan. Gora na!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

When in Doubt, Vote for the Pogi

It’s already election season here in Italy. One of my favourite seasons of the year. Bullshit-monger kasi din ako. Hahaha!

So as usual, political parties have engaged all news outlets and social media platforms to channel the same old shitloads of promises which they are determined to ignore or break in two or three years after being elected in power.

Recently I posted a shout out on my Facebook account one criterion for voting that all Italo-Filipinos should consider- and that is to identify which political party who, in 15 to 20 minutes gave away millions of tax-payers’ money to banks who were presumably having financial difficulties, while debated fiercely in parliament for years and asked if they should give enough money for healthcare and education. FUCK YOU DEMOCRATS AND FUCK YOU TOO MATTEO RENZI. 

But if you are overwhelmed with the issues of the day and can’t find any reason or criterion to vote for a candidate, or even the will to go out and vote- here’s my piece of advice. Vote for the handsome/cute or the beautiful. You can’t go wrong.

So ladies and gay men, here’s my candidate for you… LUIGI DI MAIO

In a beauty-deficient field, it’s quite a treat to see a politician with good looks, especially here in Italy, where there are so many politic figures who are centuries old.

And here comes Luigi di Maio, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, and the front man of the emerging and fierce political party Movimento 5 Stelle (the 5-star Movement).

They’ve been cutting out the bullshit in Parliament ever since they entered the political arena. There have been some internal issues and problems with their members in the recent past, but they do not hesitate to lay them off and send them away packing, something that really shook me. Usually political parties remove an erring member from office only to be put back again after two years, but with a higher position and better salary. Fucktards. Parliamentarians of his party are the only ones willing to cut down salaries of Parliament members so that government can save money (Italy has the highest paid legislators in all of Europe).

His party is different. And he is different because he’s smart and I find him cute. Young, dark skin, smart, and already wielding political power and prowess- goodness I’m having furious orgasms. I really like men in power. Of course they have to be good-looking. So Trump is out of the question. Lol!

Well, what can I say? I am the kind who judges a book by its cover. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Geography is not the subject today...

Geography is not the subject today. It shouldn’t even be the issue today.

So Mocha spit out another one of her many sensational bullshits (I’ve been repeating this word a lot recently, just to show how much we have it around us), and this time it’s about Mayon volcano’s location.

While it’s unthinkable that a government official has poor knowledge of Philippine geography, I still wonder why there is so much brouhaha happening around Mocha’s statement.

How about calling out judicial institutions to dispense justice for the Fallen 44? How about calling out former President Noynoy Aquino to grow some balls and take responsibility about the messed up coordination of the operation? What about the fucking Dengvaxia?

I do understand you. I do not like Mocha too. But she’s there. What else we can do? What we can do is to make her accountable to her real boss- the people of the republic, not the State Bully and his gang. Call her out to bring attention to important issues. Let us not waste her time and tax-payers money by making her apologize for her geographical mishap or justify her lack of knowledge of geography.  

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Crappy News- Daily Bread

Fast-food is crap but we still eat them because they comfort us. Porn is filth but you still watch because it helps you from not raping anybody (I believe that Mary Palm moments can keep you sane). PUV’s are a threat to the environment and to your life but you still take the jeepney, MRT, the bus, the train because they still take you from point A to point B. Smoking is annoying and it can kill you and the kids and people around you, but you really don’t give a fuck because smoking is for not giving any fuck at all. So why avoid the crap you see on TV or the bullshit you read in the newspapers, when you’ve been taking in so much other crap for your body and daily routine?

Strange isn’t it? We can tolerate life-threatening products, carcinogenic compounds, and death-defying routines (i.e. riding PUV’s), but we do not have the strength to tolerate the news of the day. For some reason, they can overwhelm us- body and soul. We can watch 3 hours of Kris Aquino’s bullshits and savour them all (finger-licking good), but not a word about senate hearings or the recent announcements from Malaca├▒ang.


Because they are all the same crap that we’ve heard ever since those white conquistadores were welcomed by the ever hospitable datu’s and rajah’s of our islands. And we keep on hearing the same old names, seeing the same old faces, listening to the same old promises, and still living the shitty life in a shitty community, in a shitty country with a shitty economy, and many other shits. Same old crappy news, but different shade and different level of putrefaction. And that’s how crappy news are served to us all the time.

It’s really exasperating, and many of us have become apathetic. Thus, the emergence of the likes of Kris Aquino, because we have to admit it- she’s emanating so much positive vibes as she recounts to the common Filipino her lipsticks and their different shades of pink, Bimb’s latest comic review (now considered real critique), and her love for thousand-dollars-worth hand bags. Or give fucks about the Kardashian.

But you know what? WE CAN’T AND WE MUST NOT AVOID CRAPPY NEWS. It must be our daily bread.

It is a must for citizens to be informed, and at the same time it is important for us to ANALYSE and READ MORE about the issues of the day. It is high time that many of us come out of the shadows of blissful ignorance and stray away from the bleating herd of stupid sheep that just follow one social trend- repeat the bullshit and bully the differently opinionated individuals.

And now I’m being preachy, spewing bullshits here. Sorry. But the very reason why networks are so confident to share fake news is because they know very well that we allow them to fool us easily. The very reason why political bloggers, politicians and cabinet officials get away with what they say is because no one dares to speak out his mind and call out stupidity. We have relinquished our right to truth. Instead we accept fake news. We allow stupidity. We close our eyes and ears to truth.

It’s time to cut the crap. Be informed. Ask questions. Read more. Educate yourselves. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Signs That You Are a Social Bullshit-Monger

Do you like politics? Then you are probably like me, a bullshit-monger. Well, I have to admit, I am a former bullshit-monger. I have changed my ways since late 2016. I stopped watching the news or reading the newspaper. I am as ignorant as the average young people in our colleges today, except for the young bullshit-mongers who are now nurturing their uncanny nature.

So what is a social bullshit-monger? He is a person who hoards a lot of information and stories about current events, news, political stories and histories, that he allows all these elements to affect his life and health, and eventually, suffer for it, and then feels that he has to moral and social obligation to pass all this information and insight to others like himself, or those people who do not want to engage with the realities around them.

So I was one of those people. I was that guy who posts his rants on Facebook about political issues. I was that annoying person who ruins the pleasure of scrolling down the newsfeeds of your Facebook account because of his posts of news and blog entries about politics. Nakaka asar di ba?

I have decided to stop being one because of mainly two reasons:
  1. High blood pressure
  2. The state of stupidity is overwhelming, it suffocates me

So what are the signs that make you are a bullshit-monger?
1.      Your breakfast is coffee, newspaper, and bitterness.- yes, you like bitter things in the morning, and you don’t mind having a foul mood after that lousy breakfast. It prepares you for a morning debate with the cab driver, or with your fellow tambays at the coffee shop or in front of Aling Nena’s store.
2.      Mainstream Media is Holy Truth- You have full trust and faith in our mainstream media. You don’t even use your common sense anymore. Doing any further research or reading about an issue for you is an exaggeration. You prefer listening to the opinions of scholars who specializes on one side of the story.
3.  Politics is your favourite theme on dinner tables, drinking sessions, and casual chit-chat. You just can’t stop talking about what you heard over the news that day, or what you read from the papers, or what Mr. Politician declared on TV. It’s your favourite topic. You even failed to asked about the health of your sick cousin or the schooling of your pamangkins and godchildren.
4.      You’re a Dutertard or a Yellowtard- You venerate the leaders you are supporting. Nothing wrong about supporting your leaders, it’s just that you should also be free to criticize your own leaders and not feel like it’s blasphemy if you say a different opinion especially when you detected a bullshit. But because you venerate them like the Father Creator in Heaven or like the Messiah, you wouldn’t even dare. So you just keep on repeating the same bullshit until you believe it.
5.      Bloggers’ Words Are True- Nothing is true about us bloggers. We are also selling things. We try to sell our ideas and our opinions. Nothing wrong about that. Readers must be able to judge what is right and wrong, or even do research and call out what is wrong. But bullshit-mongers being true to themselves, they pass on the blog entries as gospel truth. 

6.      You Run After Politicians Like They Are Celebrities But Ignore Piolo Pascual or Anne Curtis- Politics is showbiz for you and your favourite series is the live streaming of the Senate’s plenary session. Stop it. It’s pathetic.

7.      You Join the Bandwagon of Revisionists of Philippine History- you ride with them in their bandwagon of loads of shit, enough to bury the truth and all things true about our history. But then, who really cares, right? Anything can happen in the Philippines- truth-sayers die and thieves become saints. Heroes are forgotten and tyrants lay peacefully among his victims, equally honoured by the people.

8.      Election season is your summer- It’s like vacation for you, the best you’ll ever have every three years.

9.      When your stuck in traffic, you listen to the news on the radio instead of a relaxing tune- You’re already furious about the traffic, then you’ll listen to the latest bullshit of the House Speaker. Truly there is something wrong with you. 

10.  You believe in the political opinion of your religion- I’m not gonna comment about this any further. This one deserves one blog entry. But there’s so much bullshit being preached from the pulpit, especially in Christian churches. Yes Christians, you are no different from the stupid Muslim extremists and the Talibans, and other Christian cults and the Roman Catholic Church. 

There are many more, but these are the most common things I used to do. If you are just like me before, I think it’s time that you should stop. In a time when there’s more bullshit around you than the zit in the face of an average pimply teenager, you need to stop for your sake and the sake of mankind.

Time to breathe the fresh air. Try appreciating Kris Aquino. And listen so some classical music or funny radio talk shows while stuck in traffic!