Saturday, January 06, 2018

Another New Year's Set of Resolutions/Goals (Nothing New, Same Old Failures, But Perkier and Slutty)

Aaaaaand here we go again! Another start brimming with so much positivity and possibilities, and all that vibes of being able to achieve a new set of goals for this year. Only to look back again and see how we have failed miserably.

My 2017 goals? All kaput. Except the travelling part.  I won’t even bother analyzing what went wrong or what excuses I made not to do them. Let’s just be honest. We almost do not reach our goals because,  1)they are not fucking interesting and we are doing it out of necessity, so it is 2)not fun, and 3) we are behaving with First-World-Issues Syndrome (lame and millennial excuses).

But I am different. I am consistent. I still write down some of the old resolutions or goals only to fail again by the end of the year. And who cares? At least one makes a plan. He who doesn’t plan, plan to fail. Right?

So here’s what I would like to happen this year 2018 and I hope the universe would stop fucking me up.

Goal #1- Be fit and healthy (for the nth fucking time)

I need to get together my act now. I need to look good and get laid more often. Because alcohol will soon not be enough to let people see how attractive I am.

Goal #2- Write more.

Yeah. I had more time at work, going to places, and Mary Palm moments. Like too much.

Goal #3- Read 20 Books

I enlisted myself again in the Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge. I failed last year’s. Again, no time. So from 24, I’m putting it down to 20. Aside from that, some of the books that I got last year were quite boring. Hope to get some good reads this year.

Goal #4- Learn to cook

So I can eat better my dear.

Goal #5- Learn French

So I would know what to say when I want to give a French guy a blowjob.

Goal #6- Focus more on my little business

I have decided to not become the one sponsored but become the ultimate sugar daddy and buy myself a cute piece of ass.

 Where is human and spiritual progress in all of this? I threw it away in the bin together with 2017. Good riddance. Hahahaha!

Let’s have fun. Don’t take life seriously. It’s a bitch. Let’s kick it in ass, shall we? Happy 2018! 


  1. Hahaha! Ikaw na ikaw na nga iyan Mr. T :) Nakaka-excite tuloy yung mga posibleng isasagot mo dun sa 18 questions.

  2. Hahaha..
    Happy New Year Sir TG! Nawa'y makulayan ang mga yan!

    1. Mag drawing na din ako yung oara sa bakasyon natin. Lol!


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