Friday, January 12, 2018

Call Me By Your Name- Not Another Coming-of-Age Gay Romance Novel

Before the movie came out, I already had a copy of André Aciman’s novel. Never had any particular interest in it until I read all the reviews about the movie.

I don’t like coming-of-age stories because they always make me glum and lonely. And I don’t like romance novels because I find most of them quite cheesy.

“Call Me By Your Name” is an exception. Yes, it is a coming-of-age story, a summer romance love story between a precocious 17-year-old teenager and an adult guy, another gay story. It has all the elements of those cheesy romance stories- summer, hormone-driven, and beautifully set in Italy.

But I loved reading it; every part of it. Sweet, sensual, and sad. These are the three words that come to mind whenever I think about this story.

It’s emotionally engaging, sensual, and powerfully moving. Aciman delves into the sentiments and thoughts of someone who is crushing, desiring and lingering for another person, another body to feel and to taste, another soul to love. Yes, his words and the way he describes human emotions cut deep into the soul of the reader. I was much moved.

It’s about discovery- the intensity of same-sex attraction, the intimacy of two male bodies, the longing of the seeking-soul in finding another, understanding love and fear, and eventually, grasping the reality of loss and heart-break.

It’s funny how a summer love that has touched the lives of two people can leave behind so much hard-to-forget moments. It’s like the song- the first cut is the deepest. Indeed, when it cuts you, it’s so deep that you are still left bleeding after so many years. I’m saying this because, I may have moved on, but the cut is still there- deep and still bleeding. And I’m digressing

Anyway it’s the first book I finished this year and my first goodread.

Grab a copy, or better, go out and see the movie!


  1. Watched the movie and I felt so sad. Both characters were amazing but I know it's far compared to the book itself where we choose what character to visualize, to satisfy our desires in that temporary world where we brought ourselves in. I like Elio very much! :]

    1. I was expecting that Elio would be the heartbreaker- because you know, he's young and much more prone to explore. If you read the book, you will feel such pounding on the heart as you read the desperate and undying love of Elio for Oliver. I am quite teary-eyed already while writing this. Hahaha!

    2. Oh stop it! Argh! I watched the movie couple of times now, still can't move on. What more if I read the book version? I'd be trap their forever. :(

  2. Syempre, di ko sya panonoorin at lalong di ko babasahin.. HAHAHA. Charot!
    I have issues. HAHAHA

    1. Ano naman issues yan Cher Kat?! Sige, shots and tell! hahaha!

  3. ok ok lang naman siya sa kin when i saw this movie. nakaka sad lang ang ending kakainis haha


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