Friday, January 26, 2018

Geography is not the subject today...

Geography is not the subject today. It shouldn’t even be the issue today.

So Mocha spit out another one of her many sensational bullshits (I’ve been repeating this word a lot recently, just to show how much we have it around us), and this time it’s about Mayon volcano’s location.

While it’s unthinkable that a government official has poor knowledge of Philippine geography, I still wonder why there is so much brouhaha happening around Mocha’s statement.

How about calling out judicial institutions to dispense justice for the Fallen 44? How about calling out former President Noynoy Aquino to grow some balls and take responsibility about the messed up coordination of the operation? What about the fucking Dengvaxia?

I do understand you. I do not like Mocha too. But she’s there. What else we can do? What we can do is to make her accountable to her real boss- the people of the republic, not the State Bully and his gang. Call her out to bring attention to important issues. Let us not waste her time and tax-payers money by making her apologize for her geographical mishap or justify her lack of knowledge of geography.  


  1. Sad to know that some people, when it comes to serious issues like Dengvaxia are so quiet because they don't have the capacity to defend their bullshits. But when it comes to some mistakes which is purely harmless, they build bonfire around it to discuss their bullshits overnight.

  2. Kaasar diba... Eh sa hometown ko pa naman yan!
    Hayst. I could let it slide if she can talk "sensibly" pero what more can I say?
    Tangina this na lang talaga. HAHAHAHA. Pucha, napagkakamalan akong hater kapag nagcocomment ako eh. Kagigil! OMG talaga.


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