Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Signs That You Are a Social Bullshit-Monger

Do you like politics? Then you are probably like me, a bullshit-monger. Well, I have to admit, I am a former bullshit-monger. I have changed my ways since late 2016. I stopped watching the news or reading the newspaper. I am as ignorant as the average young people in our colleges today, except for the young bullshit-mongers who are now nurturing their uncanny nature.

So what is a social bullshit-monger? He is a person who hoards a lot of information and stories about current events, news, political stories and histories, that he allows all these elements to affect his life and health, and eventually, suffer for it, and then feels that he has to moral and social obligation to pass all this information and insight to others like himself, or those people who do not want to engage with the realities around them.

So I was one of those people. I was that guy who posts his rants on Facebook about political issues. I was that annoying person who ruins the pleasure of scrolling down the newsfeeds of your Facebook account because of his posts of news and blog entries about politics. Nakaka asar di ba?

I have decided to stop being one because of mainly two reasons:
  1. High blood pressure
  2. The state of stupidity is overwhelming, it suffocates me

So what are the signs that make you are a bullshit-monger?
1.      Your breakfast is coffee, newspaper, and bitterness.- yes, you like bitter things in the morning, and you don’t mind having a foul mood after that lousy breakfast. It prepares you for a morning debate with the cab driver, or with your fellow tambays at the coffee shop or in front of Aling Nena’s store.
2.      Mainstream Media is Holy Truth- You have full trust and faith in our mainstream media. You don’t even use your common sense anymore. Doing any further research or reading about an issue for you is an exaggeration. You prefer listening to the opinions of scholars who specializes on one side of the story.
3.  Politics is your favourite theme on dinner tables, drinking sessions, and casual chit-chat. You just can’t stop talking about what you heard over the news that day, or what you read from the papers, or what Mr. Politician declared on TV. It’s your favourite topic. You even failed to asked about the health of your sick cousin or the schooling of your pamangkins and godchildren.
4.      You’re a Dutertard or a Yellowtard- You venerate the leaders you are supporting. Nothing wrong about supporting your leaders, it’s just that you should also be free to criticize your own leaders and not feel like it’s blasphemy if you say a different opinion especially when you detected a bullshit. But because you venerate them like the Father Creator in Heaven or like the Messiah, you wouldn’t even dare. So you just keep on repeating the same bullshit until you believe it.
5.      Bloggers’ Words Are True- Nothing is true about us bloggers. We are also selling things. We try to sell our ideas and our opinions. Nothing wrong about that. Readers must be able to judge what is right and wrong, or even do research and call out what is wrong. But bullshit-mongers being true to themselves, they pass on the blog entries as gospel truth. 

6.      You Run After Politicians Like They Are Celebrities But Ignore Piolo Pascual or Anne Curtis- Politics is showbiz for you and your favourite series is the live streaming of the Senate’s plenary session. Stop it. It’s pathetic.

7.      You Join the Bandwagon of Revisionists of Philippine History- you ride with them in their bandwagon of loads of shit, enough to bury the truth and all things true about our history. But then, who really cares, right? Anything can happen in the Philippines- truth-sayers die and thieves become saints. Heroes are forgotten and tyrants lay peacefully among his victims, equally honoured by the people.

8.      Election season is your summer- It’s like vacation for you, the best you’ll ever have every three years.

9.      When your stuck in traffic, you listen to the news on the radio instead of a relaxing tune- You’re already furious about the traffic, then you’ll listen to the latest bullshit of the House Speaker. Truly there is something wrong with you. 

10.  You believe in the political opinion of your religion- I’m not gonna comment about this any further. This one deserves one blog entry. But there’s so much bullshit being preached from the pulpit, especially in Christian churches. Yes Christians, you are no different from the stupid Muslim extremists and the Talibans, and other Christian cults and the Roman Catholic Church. 

There are many more, but these are the most common things I used to do. If you are just like me before, I think it’s time that you should stop. In a time when there’s more bullshit around you than the zit in the face of an average pimply teenager, you need to stop for your sake and the sake of mankind.

Time to breathe the fresh air. Try appreciating Kris Aquino. And listen so some classical music or funny radio talk shows while stuck in traffic!


  1. Hmmm.. Pwede bang, every now and then? LOL.

    Nakakalungkot lang din isipin na we have grown to the habit of "reacting to triggers" instead of having that proactive, well-researched and well-written thoughts these days.

    At tama ka, nakakahawa at hindi maganda ang results in the end. HEHE

    1. Nakakatamad nga naman kasi ang mag research pa. Eh kung panoorin ko lang ai Kris, no-brainer pa. Hahaha!

  2. Hahaha parang galing na galing sa lamang loob mo ang pinaghuhugutan nito Mr. t


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