Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Something to drink....

The official drink ng mga singles this Valentine's Day.... or even everyday.....

Made of pure ampalaya extracts and blood of ex's, heart-breakers, and bile....

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Date Charity Project

This is an impromptu initiative concocted by friends to take out to dinner the single guy (who is hopeless in love, not even hopeless romantic) on the eve of Valentine’s Day, because I am officially the charity case in the barkada when it comes to love.

The 0bjective is not to make it memorable for the single person like me. The objective is to show that there is still life outside Valentine’s Day and dateless nights. Basta ‘wag ka lang mabakante.

The charity project goes like this:

  1. Save the date- the official date to do this is February 13. Not later than 14. Because 15 is supposedly dedicated to singles who want to party and celebrate their singlehood, flaunt their very much aspired independence and nonchalance attitude towards relationships; an actual pathetic attempt to cover up the bitter ampalaya mema status.
  2. Food for the loveless soul- The choice of food is important. Again, nothing fancy or overpriced. Fancy and overpriced are for lovers and couples because love does not make them use their brains and be practical. It has to be something that reflects the nature of singlehood- basic and pragmatist. Food must be good, cheap, and reminiscent of certain aspects of the things lacking in the life of a single person which can be achieved through food.
Dinner in an Asian diner. A large pot of spicy noodle soup and fried duck. Spices in place of a hot night, hot soup and eggs in place of a hot date (like what we say in Filipino- sabaw na lang, may itlog din naman), and duck to remind the single person that even if he or she is a sitting duck, that person is still appetizing. And it really has to be soup because, wala lang. Sabaw kasi yung single eh. Lol!

  1. Number of person in a date- It should be three. Three is a company. A solitary figure needs a company. Two is the top even number for Valentine’s Day. Three is for the charity case, since the lone person is already bogged down by the looming feast, there’s one for conversation and one for laughter. Conversations can be about love, politics and anything under the sun, ending as usual with the talk of tae.
And those are two persons who will generously split the bill and pay for the single guy’s dinner.
  1. Dessert as finale-the charity date must end with glucose overdose, to compensate for the lack of sweetness in everything of the single life. And eventually, coffee, symbolizing the bittersweet status of the beneficiary.

And thus I command you all, do the Lord’s work. Ilibre niyo na mga single diyan. Gora na!