Tuesday, March 06, 2018

2018 Goals, Anyare Na?

I almost forgot that I had these goals. Ano na ba ang nangyari?

Goal 1- I am still not fit, and I live a very unhealthy lifestyle. I’m actually stacking up liquors in my place so that after a night out of aperitifs and shots, I can make my own cocktails in the convenience of my home. My eating hours are crazy, so are my sleeping hours.

Goal 2- Writing. Blogging was almost put to a halt last month. Pressure sa trabaho kaya walang creative juice na lumalabas sa utak. Ever since I was promoted wala na talaga ako maisulat na matino. This job is a curse since day 1. And I still don’t understand why I’m still putting so much effort in this shit. Tanga tanga much ko lang.

Goal 3- I’m already on my fifth book. Currently reading Jodi Picault’s “The Pact”. Very interesting. Previous book, Banana Yoshimoto’s “High and Dry, Primo Amore” was quite disappointing. Read it in Italian.

Goal 4- What’s cooking in Westeros? I am now making plans to host a dinner, serving dishes featured in George R. R. Martin’s saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” a.k.a. Game of Thrones. Recently, I made a very easy breakfast that would have been served to the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Goal 5- Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir ? That’s all my French for now.

Goal 6- Business? Monkey business. I’m not taking any serious actions. Ugh.

I should take decisive action and understand what are the things that are distracting me. I should probably get help, or read some self-help books. 


  1. Malay mo naman magawa mo ang iba this year simula pa lang naman ng taon mahaba pa ang tatakbuhan. Makakatulong din kung gagawa ka ng timeline sa bawat goal mo basta achievable...

  2. Ahaha ako nga wala sa mga goal ko ang may nasimulan pa. Nganga til now


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