Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Drink the Whine, Eat the Dread

I hate my job. I have always hated it since day one. I have been promoted. And anytime soon, I might get another raise and another promotion. But I fucking hate my job.

I was promoted because of politics and not because of my performance. I wanted more money so I needed to get ahead of others. So I availed myself to the company’s shittiest overlords- free eight-hour shifts, shopping bag carrier, driver, everything an ambitious suck up would do. I’ve done everything but sleep with my overlords. Unfortunately, I still have my morals and decency intact.

I really can’t say if my life got better or worse. One thing is sure, I hate it even more.

I hate my job because the workplace is already toxic. You can’t trust employees and management alike. Everyone’s back-stabbing everyone else. I hate my job because my director is a bitch from hell. No, that’s not a metaphor. She’s the very incarnation of the term “bitch from hell”. And finally, the clientele is a roster of human beings who survived their abortion from birth. They were supposed to be dead. God wills it they live.

Sometimes I think I might have been one of Hitler’s generals in another life for me to deserve such life. And if I am to be reincarnated again, it’s still gonna be shitty.

It was unfortunate that I lost my first job during the crisis in 2009. I landed on this job because there were no other job openings around me. Offices, shops and restaurants were closing almost every other day.

This year, the Italian economy is barely recovering. There are jobs now but I’m not sure if I quit my present job I could find another secure one, not to mention all my other financial commitments.

Sorry for the post that is so full of whining, negativity and bullshit. It’s been a difficult February, and March is proving to be even more challenging.

Tonight, I might go and watch a movie, get drunk, not get laid because it’s a night out with the girls (besides, I never get laid, LOL!), try to have fun. Then go to sleep to get ready for tomorrow. Universe, please don’t fuck with me this time.

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  1. Kumalma tayo ng slight. Pero sabi nga nila, pag toxic na, ekis na! :)


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