Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Silver Screen Delights- from sexy black men, love and beastiality, to hot Russian spy

This is not a review, just a wild raving of someone who was lucky enough to find time to go to the cinema house. And these are the movies I’ve seen recently.

Black Panther

Ladies and gay men, this movie is a must. The story of how an African prince from Wakanda, an obscure and totally unknown nation in Africa, came to power and experienced the weight of his responsibility as king and super hero, and his grand purpose for his country and the world. More than that, I can’t help myself from salivating at the sight of half naked sexy black men wrestling in a pool.

Oh my God it was talong galore! Call me ignorant and superficial, I don’t care! I am superficial. I won’t be commenting about superb acting by Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, or Lupita Nyong’o. I’m not commenting any of that. However, special mention must be made for Boseman’s and Jordan’s torso, and Winston Duke’s hot dad bod (just the way I like it). The costumes however were fabulous and special effects were superb. Plot was ok, which is a great feat for a Hollywood superhero movie that promises nothing but humor and special effects.

Can’t wait to see a porn parody of this movie though. Tag libog na naman po ako!

The Shape of Water

A creature from the sea we commonly call “shokoy”, a mute, a gay artist, and a feisty black woman- the heroes in a movie set in the 1950’s, a time when a mute will be locked up in an institution, homo will be bashed and imprisoned, and a feisty black woman will be shot without any hesitation. In some ways, it is a movie that denounces social conventions created by bigots, Republican Christians, and idiots.

The movie is free of Hollywood’s special effects. It actually has a good storyline, good acting, and, I don’t know, a different kind of twist? I mean, what is it like fucking a shokoy? Or kissing a fish? Falling in love with a sea creature and having sex with him- is this considered beastiality?

This is a movie that talks about love that has no boundaries. Now, when I eat sushi, I can’t stop thinking about that shokoy penis inside a woman. Disturbing, intriguing, though-provoking. Boner killer. Lol!

Red Sparrow

A young Russian girl became his uncle’s pawn in a game of espionage after witnessing the murder of a scion orchestrated by the Russian government. To save her from being liquidated, she had to undergo special training in a very elite and unique force called Sparrows. They were trained not for combat or technology wars. They were trained to become professional whores- to manipulate and seduce in order to obtain information or eliminate enemies. I enjoyed looking at Russian guys very much. LOL!

Jennifer Lawrence was so hot and sexy that for a moment I thought I might be a closeted straight, or maybe bisexual. And then I saw the American CIA agent Nathaniel Nash interpreted by Joel Edgerton. His beautiful mature face and body just confirmed my fabulous sexual persuasion.

Not so much of a “Mission Impossible” or “James Bond” movie, but very much like the vibes of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”, yes, that good movie most fucktards wouldn’t watch. She’s a spy that fights to have it all by being bruised, cut, and fucked up all over, in order to bruise, cut and fuck up all the others who have used her.

Interesting movie. Beautiful location (Eastern Europe). Beautiful men. A must-see.


  1. Hay ako naman ay na hooked masyado sa the greatest show na 16 times ko na yatang pinapanood...

  2. All of the above di ko pa napanood. Wait lang, panonoorin ko yung last sa weekend! Hahaha

  3. I know black panther should be on top of the list. I always have a love for russia, baka russian tlga ako! hahaha, so i would just pick the two!


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