Monday, April 30, 2018

Quitting is like...

Quitting my job is like trying to divorce a rich psychotic and violent husband and ending a toxic relationship but I just can’t do it because life is hard and money is everything. So here I am, back again at my laptop, whining and whining and whining all the way.

Today I spoke with the owner of the restaurant and told him that I have changed my mind and I have chosen to remain and continue my work as manager. But he said that after what happened, he thinks that I'm not really fit to do that role. I didn’t even try to refute that. All I want is some source of income and a job minus the responsibilities, hassles and bullshit, but with the same salary. So I'm gonna be just one of his bitches working for him. I have no qualms about that. 

I got what I want. Salary maybe lesser, but I am fine with what I got from this shitty deal with my boss. I was one step away from freedom, but I threw away that chance because of one thing- NO CLEAR AND WELL-PLANNED EXIT STRATEGY.

My attempt to quit was not an impulsive choice. I’ve had it in mind since day one. But the timing was not quite ideal because I haven’t considered many aspects. Which aspects, you might ask? I have no idea. I’ve been watching too many videos about quitting one’s job and my head is about to burst.

But anyway, it’s a new path for me and I have to remind myself constantly that from now on, this is a temporary thing, that there’s another goal that I must achieve (beside getting a boyfriend who is willing to support me, lol!).

Good bye April. You’ve been such a pain in the ass. When I see you next year, I hope you’re not as bitchy as you were this year.

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