Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Speaking of Korean Tension... The Berlin File

The Berlin File is a 2013 thriller/action movie directed by the godfather of Korean action movies Ryoo Seung-wan, and it was featured at the 14th Florence Korea Film Fest 2016. In this edition of the film festival, I discovered Ha Jung-woo. Hmmm… boner alert.

The story is about North Korean special agent Pyo Jong-Seon who was negotiating an arms deal with terrorists in a hotel that was eventually busted by Israel’s Mossad. In the mean time, a South Korean agent is also running after Pyo and investigating the failed arms deal. So, Pyo, in addition to running away from an executioner from North Korea and other spies from South Korea, was also trying to figure out who set him up and his wife who was working in the North Korean embassy as an interpreter, and who’s the double agent.

I know what you’re thinking. This review is fucked up right? I know! It’s a fucking spy movie. I just can’t simplify the plot here. But I can guarantee you that it is worth it.

Superb acting. I mean, a guy like Ha Jung-woo holding a gun. Sigh, sexy. But seriously, the action scenes and the convoluted story line are quite breath-taking. It was thrilling and interesting to watch that you would almost wish that the real thing should be this exciting, and not as boring as handshakes and smiles between a stiff president and a pudgy-faced despot.

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