Monday, July 23, 2018

Prague and a Series of Misfortunes, part 1

It was the second time I’m visiting Prague. It was not how I expected it to be in the summer. It was cold. Gray skies and there was a  hellish outpouring of the heavens. It was literally raining needle-like pieces of ice together with the cold wind and rain. Not to mention, those perpetual photoshoots of newly-wed Asian couples. And when I say photoshoots, I mean they have photographers and assistants, equipment, and the guts to cover the whole tourist spots that are perfect for Instagram selfies.

I already had a slight fever, cough, and a running nose. I was no longer in any mood for “Czech-hunting” (I know, I have too many references to gay porn. It’s so obvious how sex-starved I am at this point of my life. LOL!).

Nevertheless, the old and beautiful city of Prague was too beautiful to miss. 

The Old Town was beautiful and charming. And the square would have been boring if it weren’t for these blokes in beer bikes. 

Thank you Prague for the beer and boys!

I took my friends with me to the Old-New Synagogue, the oldest active synagogue in Europe. Why it’s called in that name, I really have no idea and I won’t be discussing it here because nakakatamad. But it has something to do with a popular urban legend concerning a golem who kidnaps and presumably eats humans. I also showed them the old Jewish cemetery, a place mentioned in a recent novel by Italian novelist Umberto Eco. We were basically there to scare the shit out of my kaladkarin friends. Hehehe!

The Old-New Synagogue

Jewish cemetery

It was almost time for dinner. It was getting cold. My fever was getting worse and my stomach was already grumbling. Too many Czech guys to check out but too weak to do anything about it.

Before the day ended, we went to the iconic Charles Bridge to see its charm and the lovers hugging each other in that cold afternoon. And me, the single poet, sickly and freezing to death, looking over the Vltava River, thinking…. “Where’s the nearest KFC?”

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