Monday, July 30, 2018

The Pact

One of the most moving and thought-provoking novels I’ve read so far. Jodi Picoult just proved that she is one of America’s finest contemporary writers.

The Hartes and Golds were not just neighbors. They were almost like family. They shared almost everything. They were best friends. And more than that, they thought that they would become in-laws since their children were in a relationship.

The friendship and love that blessed these families is something of a fairytale that everyone would wish to have. Until one day, when their children decided to commit a double suicide, and everything went from beautiful to haunting, and heart-breaking.

This book will lure you to the beauty of life and love, make you dream, but in the end it will impose upon you questions on life and death, suicide and the sense of living, on how much love will do to make someone happy. It will haunt you and sometimes break your heart.

When you thought you’ve already figured out everything in life, that your career and the wisdom you’ve gained over the years and friendships you’ve built will be the very foundations that will hold your future together. Then here comes one tragic death and everything falls apart. Is there hope after death? Is there a future for you when you’re slowly losing everything in your life?

Highly recommended for everyone, even to those who are contemplating death or those who are exploring suicidal thoughts.


  1. i think meron akong jodi picoult na book sa bahay, but never really got the chance to read it dahil mas pinipili kong magbasa ng mga non-fiction books noong mga nakaraan, pero nung binasa ko ulit yung The Witches, na-remind akong kelangan kong magbasa ulit ng mga fiction stories. Makahanap nga ng epubs nito.. for sure meron.. lol.. I swear, I will make basa talaga.

    1. On my part, i read too much fiction. After this year's list, i might do some reading of books about the real world. Hehehe!

  2. parang mas gusto ko yung coffee, hehehe

    mala-Romeo and Juliet ang dating sa akin, pangarap ko pa rin makagawa ng routine sa pagbabasa :)


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