Monday, August 06, 2018

Gloria, the Queen of Comebacks

Unbelievable. And yet here she is. She is back ladies and gentlemen. You hated, vilified, cursed, loved, praised her. We thought that was the end of her. Whatever happened to that disease she had? To that wheelchair? The neck-brace? Her big fat fool of a husband? The little piglet of a son?

We all though she would go down straight to hell, but not even Satan himself could bring her down. She is the new Enrile, female and younger version.

 As she holds the third most powerful seat in the land, the country is poised again for another wild ride. New chapters in our history will be written again, and other chapters will be burned and forgotten. The sheep nation will be bleating a new chorus once again; another one of those glaring bullshits.

How did she do it? How did it all happen?

So many politicians have tried and succeeded in coming back, but no one else did it so smoothly, skillfully, treacherously than President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

I was an Arroyo supporter. But there’s still a bit of a perverted sycophant Arroyo  sympathizer inside me. In some ways, I am really happy to see her holding the Speakership of the Philippine House of Representatives.

I believe she can handle this Congress very well. And whatever the legislative agenda of the Duterte administration is, you can bet your ass that this little megalomaniac dwarf can and will deliver it, by all means, at the expense of freedom and democracy- even with all the absentee congressmen and shit.

We can all thank St. Luke, twisted justice and Philippine social amnesia for this.

So let’s sit back and watch it all unfold.

Welcome back GMA.


  1. OMG!
    You were an Arroyo supporter???
    I simply dislike her I dunno why I just... aaah I hate her :(

  2. I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS POST! hahahahahahahaha, dang, I was in Africa when this happened and also shocked about the news. Still, I think she's intelligent. and I love all the meme she's in! hahahah. Dang It's Gloria Bi&*H! hahaha,


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