Thursday, January 03, 2019

The Show is Over, Say Goodbye

I really hate to admit this, but it’s time to say goodbye. It’s been a wonderful blogging experience for me, but I think Tripster Guy has finally come to an end. It’s been quite some time that my fellow bloggers have posted anything, except for Cher Kat who has continued writing up until now.

Some have gone and faded. Some are not anymore blogs but just scribbled sponsored entries, and some are writing for the sponsorships. It’s like reading a catalogue of commercial bullshits. No more creativity. No more witty phrases. No more inspiring shits.

But why quit now?

2018 has been the shittiest year in my life so far. This is the year the universe decided to not just give me a big “fuck you”, but it simply poured all the shit it has kept all this time.

I started the year by being sick for 10 days. I was gangbanged by debts and financial problems, and I mean so fucked up. I had to quit from my job position. I had to witness the former love of my life proposes to his girlfriend of ten years. I losing weight not because of healthy living but probably due to some malaise. I made one fucked up decision after another, and followed them up with one regret after another. I haven’t written anything decent. I fucked up my small business because I really don’t know how. And I’m still single.

I want to leave 2018 behind and everything about it. I tried to pay all my debts and somehow I was successful with it. From the almighty manager, I am now an employee, but happier, with less responsibilities, and though salary is smaller, I now have the time and energy to focus on small business and networking.

Finding love is not anymore part of my life agenda. I’ll just sleep around like a true hoe. Just kidding! Maybe I am doing it all wrong. I’ll be looking for some self-help book on how to find love.

So what does all this have to do with me ending this blog? I want 2019 to be a new chapter, and I will do my best to make it happen. And Tripster Guy is part of the past, with 2018 as its final year, and this entry as its last.

I am looking forward to a new life in 2019. I want to break all the behavioral patterns I have developed over the years. Overcome fears. Write more. Write and write and write. Read and read and read. Make things happen. Watch less porn. I mean less TV series. Stop dating the dumbass with the flat stomach and nice ass. Drink more alcohol. Explore heterosexuality when drunk, lol!

Let’s just say the old cliché- this is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey. It’s been fun blogging and interacting with readers and other bloggers. I hope to do more in my next blogging project. See  you soon!


  1. guilty ako dito. i have never write anything for almost 2 years.
    i dunno. tinatamad, nawalan ng inspirasyon, busy.. all that thing.

    but one thing's for sure. i read.
    nagbabasa pa rin ako and updated sa mga entries ng mga pina follow kong bloggers. i open my blog to read every so often.

    isa ito sa hardest point. naramdaman ko din ito nuon when i read a similar entry like this.
    mahirap talagang makitang unti unti ng nawawala at umaalis ang mga co-bloggers. nakakalungkot.

    anyways, i'm happy that you've made it through the rough times and wish you well on your endeavors.
    God bless and tc.

  2. akala ko final na but since my see you soon, cross fingers. Nagbblog pa din ako din nga lang madalas. Like you I was hell busy because of work.


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